Tropers / Siofra

I'm a 21 year-old girl (as of 2009) and I live in Illinois. I'm currently working on getting my bachelor's in Linguistics. I'd love to be a translator some day.

Planning to make a list of applicable tropes. It'll take a while.

I also have Troper Tales On:
  • Older Than They Look This troper, at 21, has been told she looks anywhere from 12-17, due to both her personality and dress.
    • Fun story: I bought a bottle of hard liquor, and got carded. I handed over my license, and the cashier called other employees over to verify that I hadn't faked the ID.
  • Snipe HuntThis troper reversed the hunt on her scout troop. They had asked me if I wanted to go out snipe hunting. Not being naive, I agreed, telling them that I had planned to take a walk in the same area and that they should call for me when they got there.
  • Yum Yum This Troper has an insanely strong oral fixation, and as such will suck or lick on almost anything. Toothpicks, pens, bananas, pears, popsicles, fingers, pudding cups, spoons or fingers covered in food, candy canes. You name it, it'll go in my mouth. Made oh so much worse by the fact that it's completely subconscious, so Troper never realises she's doing it.

And I don't have a Troper Tale there, but I'm proud of this comment:
  • Eureka Moment:Goddammit! I eureka'd and didn't unspoiler it, but it still got me.