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Why? Nobody reads these things. They strike of bragging or self-importance, like the other people on this wiki are so bored that they'd want to read about some loser who thinks he's a genius. People come to this wiki to read about tropes, not how you're a single college student. This isn't a dating site! It's a wiki about pop culture and the minor things that all these unconnected items have in common. If I wanted to read about how whoever's writing what I'm reading is the Best Person Ever, I'd just go read Ayn Rand. It's seriously creepy how people seem to think that a shared interest in some random piece of pop-cultural flotsam makes them more interesting to others. Can we all just agree that this wiki is actually written by mystical fairies who've seen everything on Earth, but for some reason have an immature obsession with crap like Transformers and Joss Whedon, and that whoever's reading and occasionally editing it is the only human being on here? It's much preferable than reading about how brilliant you think you are.

Why did I spend ten minutes thinking about how to write that?