[[ReportSiht Shoruke]] is now a troper!

Stuff that Shoruke likes:

*RurouniKenshin [[/folder]]

[[folder:Board Games]]
*DungeonsAndDragons (3.5; I play a [[LovableRogue pretty]] [[LightningBruiser decent]] [[LeParkour trickster]], or a transmuter)


[[folder:Video Games]]
*DungeonsAndDragons (the online one)
*SuperSmashBros (not QUITE competitive tourney level in Brawl... but I'm damn close)


Tropes that apply to Shoruke:
* {{Badass}} 'Nuff said.
* [[CatchPhrase Catch Phrase]]: "Shork for short..."
* SavvyGuyEnergeticGirl: Been there, had that relationship.
* StrokeTheBeard: This is why I buzzcut my beard, instead of shaving.
** BadassBeard: I wish... it looks okay, though, I think.

Also, check out [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/conversations.php?topic=academy the Troper Academy RPG]], I teach asskicking... I mean, Applied Combat Theory.

(more pending, I'm a little new)