Shinra is a Troper and enjoys lurking TV tropes at odd hours, and sometimes improves articles. Enjoys video games, movies, music, tv shows, literature, [[HitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy the whole everything]]!

His moniker comes from the MegaCorp of FinalFantasyVII.

Major Article Contributions and Page Creations:

* {{Anime/Samurai Champloo}}
* {{FanFic/Trial By Tenderness}}
* [[Film/IronMan3 Iron Man 3]]
* [[Film/OnTheSilverGlobe On The Silver Globe]]
* {{Film/Stay Tuned}}
* {{Music/Usher}}
* TheProducerThinksOfEverything
* {{VideoGame/Crackdown}}
* {{VideoGame/Capsized}}
* {{VideoGame/RetroVirus}}
* {{VideoGame/StarWarsMastersOfTerasKasi}}
* {{VideoGame/Saira}}