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Well, I have nothing else going right now so fuck it, here goes...

My username here and elsewhere is Sgtpendulum(Sergeant Pendulum for those who are not familiar with how ranking in military works). I am a 19 year old Malay dude in Singapore currently studying diploma in nursing. As you can generally tell from the posts I made in the forum, I love punk rock, especially Bad Religion, for their hard, fast riffs and short songs filled with alternative ideals. I love it. My preference generally does not limit to this genre, as I liked other genres in the past and still liking it now and currently trying to expand my taste, like drum and bass, post-punk and hip-hop.

Also, I love skateboarding, stemmed from my extensive play time on Tony Hawk's Pro Skaters 1 and 3(2's disc got corrupted :<) where I get my music taste from as well. Big fan of Zero(if my avatar is any indication), Almost, Flip, Zoo York and Welcome Skateboards. Hoping to be good at it someday, though it's only been 3 months since I got my first board.

Also, here's a folder of a coherent list of everything I like so far:

     Things I like so far 

  • Anime and manga
  • Music
    • Bad Religion (Of course)
    • Black Flags
    • Dead Kennedys
    • DJ Shadows
    • DJ Okawari
    • Joy Division
    • Kendrick lamar
    • Pendulum
    • Nujabes
    • Social Distortion
    • Wu Tang Clan
    • Youth Brigade
  • Video games
    • Fallout 3 and New Vegas
    • League Of Legends
    • Mass Effect trilogy
    • Team Fortress 2
    • Tony Hawk series
    • The Sims 1 and 3 And not in an ironic 'let's burn every motherfucking Sims' way but rather a tryhard 'I'm going to get this lesbian couples to have a happy and fulfilling lives' way.

As for the business of articles and such, while I slowed down my editing schedule to focus on other things, I have made several major contributions, as listed below:

STAR_: Funny, lovable guy, plus his video is just oozing with tropes waiting to be analysed.

jerma985: I'll be honest here, initially I only watch Jerma solely to watch more of STAR_'s antics but then I watch some more of his videos and he kinda warmed up to me and that made me create his own article and flesh it out.

Professional Gaming: Specifically the League of Legends and Team Fortress 2 section. For the former, I just wrote down the notable teams, their history, their players and why each players are good or otherwise famous for. For the latter, though, since the competitive meta game is vastly different from the usual servers, it's a massive writeup with every knowledge I have about the scene. It's worth it, though.

The Secret Recipe: Once a barren wasteland in terms of tropes despite being the works of the famous yuri mangaka Morinaga Milk, now slightly less barren. I'm certainly not the best candidate for romance tropes since I never read any pure romance story and their list of tropes before I got into yuri manga. Since I already finished going through the series finding tropes, you won't be seeing much activity on it till either Wiki magic came or a new book came out.

Manga/Citrus: Started this page because the yuri genre needs more love :<. Again, this suffers the same problem as The Secret Recipe, except I haven't finished analysing this manga yet so perhaps you'll be seeing more of tropes on that page.

The Bones Brigade An Autobiography My attempt at promoting skateboarding on TV Tropes(does anyone else here skate as well?). This film held a special place in my heart because it, along with other documentary about him, placed a new perspective on Rodney Mullen, one of my favourite skater of all time, on his dedication and contribution to skateboarding, go buy and watch it, it's very enlightening on the day of 80s skateboarding and its revolution, the time where the boards is short and fat. As for the tropes, suffered the same problem, I didn't really read up on competition tropes and thus having difficulties. Still haven't finished analysing, though.

Vandalise somewhere below here:

btw, how do I enable vandalism and how do I vandalize other contributor's page :<

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