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Tropers: Sethyb 1
Is your average American young man, from the state of Massachusetts. I pretty much fall onto Most Gamers Are Male which makes me being A fan of video games along with both Anime and Manga. I'm the pretty much the Nice Guy and I value the power of friendship and can end up making Friendship speeches.

I started being around the internet with nickelodeon and cartoon network, then neopets, THEN being called by Sethb1 begins at youtube and finally Deviantart~ where I met most of my online friends. I could also be known as Sethyb1 when I can't use Sethb1. On Good ol Deviantart I make simple drawings and comics with a program called create.swf A.K.A walfas. Made by Kirby.M Just take a look around my Deviantart if you want~

Woooo~ this is actually my first time doing something on T Vtropes so yeah~ I'm a noob with this~ The folders of the page will be of characters that I and my close friend john owns~

Friends and people I know of are allowed to add tropes, Just be careful I may not agree with the trope you put in~ and will delete it~ in all that. Have fun and Any kind of help here will be thankful~~ *smiles happily* Also...THERE IS SPOILERS~! When I get to them~

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