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Tropers: Seaside Messenger
Obsessive Proud on second thought An obsessive Troper of the "suffers withdrawl if denied access" degree, who's been following the site for a bit over a year by now. Coincidentally made his first page edit one day before The Great Crash of January 2008, which he totally had nothing whatsoever to do with.

Very proud lifelong Canadian, but possesses an uncharacteristicly strong aversion to Hockey, or really sports in general. Most strongly characterised by his numerous and prolificly mentioned allergies, and always always plays healers in online RPGs.

An energetic Keet on good days, due to a fondness for the strongest coffee available at any given time. Can be overly dry on other days, to the point that his jokes usually go by un-noticed, probably also due to a generally unremarkable sense of humour. Also, has a reputation as a Nightmare Fetishist and frequent utilizer of Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick, usually by telling a childhood story that ends with him going into a coma, which he has several of. Really likes knives, but doesn't like to spread that around too much.

The particular nickname he goes by here on TV Tropes began as an obtuse reference to his favorite Eva character, but now he uses it (and another username referencing his many, many food allergies) for pretty much all his internet username purposes.

He's one of those Type-Moon fans you were warned about. Is really a sucker for anything that merits an entry on the Mind Screw page. He's also very proud about taking the perfect picture for the Baa Bomb Troper Tales page.

Is Really, really slow to actually finish watching/reading anything, unfortunately.

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