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(Note: I can't tell whether people seriously are doing this, but please don't think that my username refers to Meidos at sea. It is a reference to mermaids, and an internet handle that I have stuck with since I started using the 'net.)

Hello! I am a Swedish female troper. Although TVtropes has not ruined my life, my vocabulary is suffering at the hands of this site. I could imagine working as a translator in the future, so if you find someone translating Swedish->English (or any other combination of languages I know) and accidentally putting Tropese into it, it's me. Apart from Swedish and English, I speak some German and understand simple Latin.

Music is my greatest interest - I have played the piano since I was about 9 years old, sing as an alto in the school choir and compose music myself. (Said compositions are often created with the thought that "this should sound like some good game-BGM!" in mind, and do not ask for non-instrumental works - I simply can't create good lyrics or singable melodies.) My Newgrounds account is here, in case anybody feels like listening.

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    Tropes that apply to me (and are relevant to this site and/or the internet) 
Be warned that there will be Walls of Text coming up.
  • Berserk Button:
    • People giving up before they are finished with something. (Yes, it's one of my own faults. I try to compensate for it by finishing other people's business, at least on some wikis.)
    • Uncovered and/or poorly handled spoilers, especially on trope-pages rather than series-pages.
  • Closet Geek: averted - I may keep my fandoms to the internet, and people I have known since forever do not know most of them, but this is simply because our tastes differ and I don't want to waste their time by babbling on about something they aren't interested in in the first case.
  • Creator Backlash/Old Shame: I can start thinking this about almost everything I upload or write and suddenly delete whatever it is that I've uploaded because of this.
  • Epileptic Trees/Fan Wank: Depending on the series, there will either be a garden or a forest of these in my head. (Do not worry about me shoving them down your throat - I only talk about them on the WMG-pages, and even then I will keep most of them to myself.)
  • Fridge Brilliance: Or simply reading into series (too) much deeper the second time watching them, though this has not stopped me from adding to the Fridge parts of This Very Wiki.
  • Gratuitous Foreign Language: Defied. If I'm going to mess with a language I don't know, I should at least do it right. That means attempting to read other peoples' texts in the language to learn basic sentence structure, going through online dictionaries to avoid faulty translations (I once had "call" as in And Call Him "George"! be translated into "telephone"), and running the result through a translator back to English to see if it makes some sense.
  • Perfectly Cromulent Word: Downplayed, as I sometimes combine words in unusual ways, like describing myself as an alcophobic. (Which is the only reason I've not tried a Drinking Game.)
  • Spelling Nazi: Downplayed - I'll right spelling wrongs without any fuss and leave them alone if it's just a matter of American V.S. English spelling. Heck, I can't tell those two apart most of the time... Besides, my spelling and grammar's not perfect itself, as this page might show.
  • Straight Man AND Wise Guy: with an added dose of intentional idiot on the side.
  • Rules of the Internet: I'm pretty fond of Rule 63 (especially without the Self-Fanservice), 14, and 284, but really dislike Rule 34.
  • Self-Deprecation: Played for laughs, but often mistaken as a non-joke.
  • Self-Imposed Challenge/Too Dumb to Live: I never use bombs in Bullet Hell|s, no matter how many lives that habit costs me.
  • Shipping Goggles: From time to time. I am one of those people who ship despite not liking stories with romance as the purpose. Like all the other Fan Wank, I keep it to myself.

I do not watch many series. I usually prefer comedy shows, or at least shows that have several Funny Moments (either genuine fun or narm). If I want a Tear Jerker, I prefer watching the news or listening to sad music. Some of the series I like, separated by medium, are listed here. If there are adaptations, I specify which version I've watched/read/played.


  • Several Swedish series, although I do not find it worthwhile to create pages for them as they (probably) would have very little traffic.
  • Monty Python
  • QI

  • Some classical music, particularly Chopin, Bach and Beethoven.
  • Evanescence
  • ZUN's music, and some of what it inspires.
  • As long as the lyrics aren't too vulgar/bad and the melody's catchy, I do not care about who or what I am listening to.

    Western Animation and Comics 

    Games (includes Let's Plays) 

... Guess I've babbled on for too long. As usual - I chose my title at the forums for a reason. Speaking of the forums, they have made me notice that some have a vandalism folder on their page. Suppose I could use that as a way to blend in among others. Feel free to complain/be neutral/praise me (as if anybody would do that!) in the folder below.