Tropers: Sci Fi Slasher

Hello, I am Sci Fi Slasher, a relatively new troper. I enjoy using tropes and presenting them, and I have some fan fic stories on Fan Fiction.Net that I believe could have articles on here.

Some stories of mine that could be here on TV Tropes:

The Rise Of Extinction series and it's spinoffs.

My crossover fic, The Scream Of Jeepers Creepers.

Favorite tropes, YMMV and trivia of mine:

And that's all so far. It's Harsher in Hindsight, really. But once you get to know me, as a fellow troper, you'll have a moment of Fridge Brilliance. Then again, this page can be real High Octane Nightmare Fuel, so who knows, but then again, why are you even reading this? Don't you know it's just a Mind Screw?