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  • Pilot Name: Roxanne Bishop
  • Callsign/Title: Brazen Rocket
  • Side: Centauran Confederacy
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 19
  • Appearance: Bright red hair done up in pigtails, amber eyes, average height and build.
  • Personality: Impulsive, friendly and an adrenaline junkie.
  • Backstory or other information: Novagauge is a newly established Centauran fame manufacturer, focusing on creating multi-functional equipment. Their first frame was designed to transform between the standard robot form and a modified fighter craft. Roxanne was one of a handful of pilots selected to test the prototype in addition to her regular military training. The new peace treaty pushed both the prototype and Roxy to Lambdadelta where they could be shown off in a non-combat military enviroment.

  • Frame Model: PT-001 Firefly Transformable
  • Armaments: Weaponized plasma torch, mid-range laser rifle, energy shield
  • Appearance: The frame's limbs are long and slender, designed to fold up in fighter mode.
  • Size: 18m (12m transformed)
  • Armor grade: Ultra-Light
  • Top Speed: 400 mpm (600 mpm transformed)
  • Manufacturer: Novagauge Industries
  • Notes: The Firefly is still under developement and has only been used in simulated combat.

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