I was once just a normal web surfer. Then I discovered TV Tropes...I have yet to escape (but it's such fun here!). Mostly I just browse the [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/changes.php Recent Changes]] and occasionally contribute. Stuff I like:

* {{Bleach}} (early arcs)
* [[{{ptitlej8ixspaskltm}} D.Gray-Man]] (current favorite)
* {{DNAngel}}
* {{Elemental Gelade}} (manga only)
* {{Full Metal Alchemist}}
* [[DotHack .hack//Sign]]
* {{InuYasha}}
* [[SamuraiSeven Samurai 7]]
* {{Scrapped Princess}}

'''Western Animation'''
* [[AvatarTheLastAirbender Avatar: The Last Airbender]]
* {{Gargoyles}}

'''Live Action TV'''
* {{Angel}}
* {{Buffy The Vampire Slayer}}
* {{Firefly}}

* {{Portal}}
* {{World of Warcraft}}