I've been around the wiki for a while, and I figured it was time to make a contributor page.

Anyway, I live in the southeastern United States, currently working in the R&D department of a seasoning company. My hobbies include writing, roleplaying, and dabbling in computer programmng (I really suck at it, though). You can usually find me in the WeAreOurAvatars roleplay. I'm an addict, I admit it. Also, I'm 21 and male.

Tropes that I feel apply to me:

* BasementDweller
* DesperatelyLookingForAPurposeInLife
* HatesSmallTalk
* HeroicSelfDeprecation

Tropes this user has created:

* SuperiorSpecies
* MetamorphosisMonster
* EasyImpersonation
* IFightForTheStrongestSide

* He is a chaotic lawful! Fear him!
* You may have not meant to blow my mind, but you have. -WilliamWideWeb
* I have made it three times so it is slightly less unacceptable. --{{Justice4243}}
* Yuki/Dr. Manhattan is a ''much'' better pairing. --{{Smokie}}
* Thank you for showing the laughable horrors that is [[FanFic/PokemonAttackOfMewtwo Pokemon attack of mewtwo]]. ~ {{@/Arcadiarika}}
* You don't suck -{{RobbieRotten}}
* You seem to think you are my brother. This is the first time someone has made such a comment on TV Tropes to me. I am honored! - {{Frog753}}
* I think something about your age up there is not quite right, Sapphizzle - [[{{Tropers.LeChuck4}} LeChuck4]]
* You're freaking awesome.-[[{{Tropers/Etheru}} A friend]]
* [[JokingMode From this day forward, you are my RIVAL!]] In all seriousness, though, he's a great guy. - [[{{Tropers/TheRealWren}} Wren.]]

!!Tropes that apply to him:
* MyBelovedSmother: Poor Sapphire... - CTS
* PrettyCoolGuy