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Hi, I'm SapphireBlue. I'm a college student in her early 20s aiming for a library science degree, and more relevantly, I love video games, animation, and books. I joined this site in high school because I saw some pages that were missing examples that I knew of, and wanted to add them. Been here ever since. Plus, this is just a really fun site to browse, and I wanted to be a part of it. As far as the forums go, I'm most often hanging around the ones for video games, fanfiction, any of the writing sections, and a few of the "just for fun" sections. I don't usually go to the anime/manga section unless there's something specific I'm watching or reading, and I'd probably use the visual arts section if it wasn't so slow.

I can also be found on these sites: DeviantART Wysp Archive of Our Own Tumblr.

In terms of books, I read mostly fantasy. However, I'm trying to expand my tastes, and I've been known to enjoy other things as well. I do some manga reading and anime watching as well.

In terms of games, I play a lot of JRPGs, though I also like action-adventure, platformer, strategy, and the occasional puzzle game. Having a good plot isn't a requirement, but chances are I'll like a game a lot more if it does.

The rest of this page basically consists of a bunch of lists.

Tropes that apply to me in some form:

Tropes I particularly like:

Tropes that bug me for one reason or another:

Favorite works of fiction:

Other works of fiction I like:

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Who is the person you're using as an avatar? He looks like a Digimon protagonist, specifically Tsurugi or Taiki. — Keyseeker

Nope, he's Cooro from +Anima. Look up. :D ~SapphireBlue
  • I ended up reading a few volumes of +Anima a few weeks after I asked the question. It's pretty good, but I'm not willing to buy it while there are better mangas that I want to own. (By the way, those volumes that I read are my older sister's.) — Keyseeker
    • Cool! If you're not willing to buy it, try reading it online. Assuming you're OK with doing that, of course. SapphireBlue
      • Actually, I bought all the volumes a few months ago and read them. They were good. — Keyseeker
      • Glad to hear it! SapphireBlue

Hey, how's it going? Haven't seen you around the KH thread in a while, so I thought I'd stop by and say hi. :) - X2X

Things are going fine. I've been lurking in the KH thread, but I haven't had anything to say. Thanks for stopping by! - SapphireBlue