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Tropers: Sandy 87
Describe Sandy87 Here.

Right, like that's possible...

Sandy87 wants a LEAF!

Works enjoyed by Sandy87

    Anime And Manga 
    Live Action TV 
This troper doesn't like artists so much as she likes individual songs; for every song she likes, she's certain there's another by the same artist that she finds boring or even just can't stand. So, in the spirit of that, here's a list of the songs she likes, organized by artist: Of note, this troper seems to have a thing for Swedish music. She swears it's not intentional, that she just picks songs she likes and then discovers that the person who made it is Swedish. Perhaps it's In the Blood and her 1/4 Swedish heritage is catching up to her? Though that should make her like Swedish folk songs, not Swepop...

    Video Games 

    Western Animation 

Tropes Embodied by Sandy87 and her very strange life:

    Animal Tropes 
  • All Girls Like Ponies Averted. While this troper likes horses well enough and enjoys riding them, she's not gaga for them.
  • Alternate Animal Affection In addition to the usual lick=kiss, this troper's first dog developed a habit of rooting her face against her owner's neck as a sort of inverse-hug. She's yet to teach her second dog to do it, mostly because she's not quite sure how the first dog got the idea.
  • Animal Jingoism Subverted: When she was a girl, this troper had a cat who chased the neighbor's yellow lab mix out of the yard. Her papillon is okay with family dogs, dislikes stranger dogs, but has absolutely no problem with cats or rabbits (unless the cats hiss at him, in which case he runs).
  • A Girl And Her Dog
    • Canine Companion This troper feels rather lost if she doesn't own a dog. And since her second dog is more travel-sized than her first, she now carries him around with her.
    • Heroes Love Dogs
  • Crazy Cat Lady This troper has sometimes joked that she would turn into this, if it weren't for the fact that she's discovered that she likes having a deep, personal relationship to her pets, and this gets more and more difficult the higher the number gets. One is good, two is fine, five is pushing it, and over ten is just impossible.
  • Dog Walks You Averted by this troper now having dogs who are too small to walk a human. Was played straight when she was a child, however, as a nine-year-old with a forty-five pound mutt could at least be encouraged to walk a bit faster, if not outright dragged down the street.
  • Evil-Detecting Dog This troper's first dog had never seen a knife used for anything but cutting up meat (and thus associated them with food), but for some reason growled at a carpet installer when he pulled out his carpet knife. This troper can only assume it's because he was too close to her mother with a potential weapon.
    • This troper also trusted that dog to know if there was danger or not and would assume that if the dog was quiet, it was safe. Her second dog is a lot noisier; she trusts him to alert her to the presence of something, but doesn't trust him to differentiate between something dangerous and something benign (the dog will bark at an out-of-place couch cushion, for crying out loud).
  • Female Feline, Male Mutt As a young girl, this troper was more of a cat person, though she liked dogs as well. As she's grown up and become more comfortable with her status as a Tomboy (and realized that not all tomboys like sports, as seems to be the Hollywood stereotype), she's become more of a dog person, though she still likes cats.
  • Friend to All Living Things This troper is gentle not only to her own pets, but also to insects and lizards which slip into the house; she puts them outside using either her bare hands or a glass and piece of paper if the critter in question is capable of delivering a nasty bite. She also avoids walking on insects when she can, though she's yet to invest in a noisy monk staff.
    • The exception to the "gets put back outside" rule is the flying, stinging class of insects that includes wasps and bees. Those get sucked up with a vacuum.
    • Reptiles Are Abhorrent Subverted by this troper, who likes lizards and even snakes (though she knows which ones are poisonous and gives them plenty of space). She also likes frogs and other amphibians, and has been known to keep lizards and newts as pets. Also, house geckos sound like peeping birds!
  • The Hyena Though she may not display it prominently for strangers, she finds most things amusing in some regard and can get quite worked up among friends. Her usual private laugh may actually be completely silent, or only the hissing of air between tightly-strained vocal cords, to avoid attracting undue attention.
  • Humanlike Foot Anatomy Averted: this troper understands anatomy and biology and makes sure her art follows it as best she can.
    • Did Not Do The Research This troper called out Applegate in Animorphs for claiming that dogs' knees reverse. They do not reverse; the dog just walks on its toes and what looks like a "knee" is actually the ankle! They have a knee higher up the leg!
      • By the way, this troper did that in second grade.
  • Mister Muffykins This troper has a papillon named Hiro (no, not related to the one from Heroes - this troper almost didn't name him that due to fear of being called a fangirl). He's Cute but Cacophonic and will growl and fuss at just about anyone, in particular strangers and especially small children.
    • Empathy Pet This troper thinks of him as what happens when you try to compress her personality into a body one-tenth its size: all the calm, stoic parts are pushed out in favor of neuroticism and vocal dissension.
  • Pet Heir Though she doesn't have much to inherit at the moment, this troper intends to have no children and instead intends to leave a sizeable portion of her money to whatever animals she happens to own at that time - with the stipulation that when the animal dies, the money is to go to a charity, not directly to the person in charge of the trust, to avert the age-old "kill the inheritor" plot.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter This troper's papillon. Overly-fluffy and with ears that are best described as satellite dishes.
    • Cute but Cacophonic He doesn't bark; he screams. He also "talks", making burbling growl-like and cough-bark sounds, and is capable of saying "Out! Side!" if he's of the mind to (and is smart enough to connect the word "outside" with going outside - he once woke this troper's mother up by standing at the foot of the bed and asking to go out, because he wanted to go potty).
  • Smelly Skunk Despite occasional protests about her body odor (this troper lacks a sense of smell, and so honestly doesn't know if her deodorant isn't working), this troper has yet to be compared to a skunk to her knowledge. Her mother (who also lacks a sense of smell) raised a spotted skunk when she was a child, and was never sprayed (unfortunately, the rest of the family was worried, and she ended up having to give her skunk to a zoo).
  • This Is My Human This troper's dog is protective of her in the usual small dog way. Attempts to dissuade him from barking at a stranger usually fall on deaf ears; actively holding his mouth shut results in low growls of discontent.

    Body Language Tropes 
  • Death Glare This troper is told she's quite frightening when angry. At least one girl swore her eyes flashed a more vivid shade of green when mentioning the name of a romantic rival.
  • Face Palm Say something stupid and this troper may resort to this one.
    • Headdesk The online equivalent for her is *headdesk* or its more eloquent, "Desk, meet Head. Head, Desk."
  • Gibbs Slap A sort of game between this troper and her brother. When her brother did it to her boyfriend, he was just a little surprised and wasn't quite sure if he should take it as a friendly gesture or not; this troper assured him it was just playful.
  • Hair Flip This troper does it just to get her hair out of her face on days she doesn't put it in a ponytail.
  • Hand Behind Head This troper picked it up from anime. She also does it on occasion when she's just thinking.
  • Quizzical Tilt This troper picked up an exaggerated version from dogs.
  • Rebel Relaxation This troper has very poor posture and tends to slouch a lot. She can stand up straight...if she cares to. Usually accompanied by crossed arms, which may or may not indicate a desire to be left alone (she's aware that it tends to look that way, though, and tries to drop her arms if she truly wants interaction, but doesn't always succeed in overriding the habit very long).
    • Leaning on the Furniture Sometimes played straight with her own belongings, but usually averted as this troper avoids touching or disturbing anything any more than she has to.
  • Tears of Fear One of the only two things that this troper will readily admit to crying about. The other is physical pain. Can you think of a situation that would readily combine the two?

    Characterization Tropes 
  • Afraid of Needles Due to hyperalgesia, which means that what others describe as a tiny prick feels like a butcher knife to her (she also has a generalized fear of any sharp object being pointed at her, but has no issues with the sight of a sharp object such as TV sword fights). Also, fear (or any strong emotion) tends to set all her senses on edge, making the feeling even stronger.
  • Ambiguously Autistic This troper's mother believes she may have a form of Asperger's, which explains why she is Not Good with People. Her father uses it as an insult and claims "The autism's kicking in" when she violates social protocol.
  • Attention Deficit Creator Disorder This troper is known to start things without finishing them. In school, she forced herself to at least finish a page of her sketchbook before moving on; she has never made that rule for other projects because she knows she'd never start anything for fear of having to actually finish it. As a result, her hard drive is littered with little projects that have never seen the light of day.
  • Berserk Button This troper has a couple:
    • Hates Being Touched With a vengeance. This troper can count on one hand the number of people she'll enjoy or even tolerate physical contact with, at least in part due to her nerves resending the "You've been touched" message repeatedly long after the person's hand has left.
      • Hand Off Offering a handshake usually gets you a blank stare. Depending on how close you are, this troper may step or even jump back if she feels her personal space is being invaded. She's also been known to sit down, where ever she may be at the moment, to avoid a hug.
  • Mama Bear You do not mess with this troper's dogs. Ever.
    • Protectorate By extension, you do not mess with other dogs. Nor do you mess with her friends.
    • Most Annoying Sound Babies and vacuum cleaners. Also, did you know that a fork or knife slipping on the plate sounds just like Nails on a Blackboard? And people wonder why this troper prefers biting and chewing her meat to cutting it...or just softer meat. Fish falls apart much easier than pork.
    • Royal "We" Used by this troper's father in a most condescending manner. She absolutely hates the trope as a result.
  • Bookworm
  • Creature of Habit Despite her quirky, off-the-wall commentary, this troper's physical existence is actually quite predictable. She'd be perfectly content to spend all her time at home, in front of the computer, TV, or game system, and consider a trip to the grocery store to read ingredient labels (and make fun of the dumb ones) "adventurous".
  • Cultural Rebel Your so-called "average" American girl is outgoing, flirty, image-obcessed and shoe-loving, a little bit boy-crazy, and wants to have a baby as soon as possible. This troper finds that "average" American girl tollerable at best, annoyingly shallow and vapid at worst.
  • Daddy's Girl Averted, and averted hard. This troper does not get along with her father and describes their relationship more as angry tenement neighbors than family: someone you see in the hallway and avoid talking to.
  • Does Not Know How To Say Thanks Mostly because it tends to be very awkward. She also Does Not Know How To Accept Thanks.
  • Don't Call Me Sir This troper generally dislikes terms of deference, with the assumption that if you need to use them, then the person in question is too scary for you to bother talking to in the first place. She does occasionally use "Mister or Miss First Name" (always "Miss", never "Missus", even if the woman is married) for professors or parents of her similarly-grown friends, but her response is always "Yeah" or "Uh-huh", not "Yes ma'am/sir".
  • Don't You Dare Pity Me! This troper dislikes being seen as emotionally weak, and thus dislikes pity as well. She especially hates people who say "Sorry" in response to a death that they could do nothing to prevent. "Sorry" is a word of appology, of taking responsibility for a wrong; it should not be used to mean "It can't be helped, but I wish bad things didn't happen to nice people like you."
  • Forgets to Eat She did this off and on throughout her teens and can still fall victim to it. In particular, lunch is likely to be forgotten because she tends to wake up around noon, such that breakfast is at the traditional "lunch" time and she then eats dinner with her family in the evening, at which point she realizes she completely forgot about that middle meal (and doesn't bother with a midnight snack because she's not hungry at midnight).
  • Innocently Insensitive This troper is known to say things that rub people the wrong way. Nine times out of ten, she doesn't really get why it bugs them. For example: why can't you criticize someone's cooking? If it's bad, shouldn't they be told it's bad so they'll have incentive to get better, instead of everybody choking down the food and pretending it was delicious so they'll have to repeat the process again?
    • "Just Joking" Justification Likewise, she says things that tend to rub people the wrong way when she honestly did mean them as jokes.
  • Lazy Bum If she could, this troper wouldn't work a day in her life (she finds the mother cowbird to be quite a clever critter, even if she doesn't get any cards in May). But since she finds marrying for money instead of love incredibly distasteful, isn't foolish enough to waste her money on lotto tickets, and doesn't have any rich relatives, she's decided instead to just find a job that's actually somewhat enjoyable.
  • Not a Morning Person This troper likes to get up about noon; anything earlier will likely get you a bleary-eyed "Up? Why, something interesting? No? Sleep then." "Morning" to her is "any time within one to three hours of waking up, whatever time that may be on the clock." She really, really wonders if she doesn't have delayed sleep phase syndrome because whether she goes to bed at 3:00 AM or 11:00 PM, she seems to wake up at about the same time: noon. Even if she manages to get up early, she'll be so sleepy she goes back to bed later that day before rousing for her evening activities.
    • Heavy Sleeper Played straight and averted. Played straight with her mother, who woke this troper up all through her school years, and many "mundane" noises: if nothing unusual or interesting is happening (school is not interesting; the building will still be there at noon just as well as it will be at eight), this troper will sleep right through it, even if it's fairly loud (or, if woken, she'll go right back to sleep once determining the noisemaker is boring). Averted, however, in that a certain sense of watchfulness pervades even her sleep, and should a person other than her mother enter the room, she'll wake up almost immediately.
    • Sleepyhead One of the most annoying things this troper does: falling asleep during the sermon in morning church services. Staying awake in others is less of a task, but this troper is always quite happy if she can stay awake during the morning ones.
  • Not Bad This troper finds overly-gushing sentiments to be too schmaltzy for everyday life (and even for a lot of special occasions). Even if she's quite pleased, the signs may be subtle, and moreso the closer she is to the person who did a good job.
  • Pastimes Prove Personality Surprisingly, this troper matches several:
    • Drawing - this one, at least, doesn't fit so well, as this troper is neither a soft-spoken sentimentalist nor a loony emo. She does, however, have a surprisingly rich inner world, complete with strange and quirky characters and even some Bizarre Alien Biology.
    • Computer Games - introverted and darn proud of it. This troper isn't likely to actually believe she's turned into some sort of game creature, but it's a fun fantasy to entertain (plus, there's no better way to blow off steam than to Blow Stuff Up).
    • Reading - again with the quietness, and this troper actually has been known to be capable of reading above her grade level, though she often finds that even as an adult, the "young adult" section has a better plot line with more fun and less angst.
  • The Pig Pen This troper showers about twice a week, before church (possibly more often if she's got a date or job - or if she gets physically dirty from anything other than her own daily sweat). Naturally, she tends to smell a bit (or rather, be told she smells) by the time a shower day rolls around.
  • Polite Villains, Rude Heroes This troper's general mindset is that you should never trust someone who's being too polite. Exceptions can be made for Asians, because it tends to be more ingrained in their culture than most Americans. There's still a point where you have to suspect a round of Politeness Judo may be in play, though...
  • Ridiculous Procrastinator This troper will put off doing things until the last possible minute. She's been known to pull all-nighters to finish a month-long project that she just started the day before.
  • Sickly Neurotic Geek Right down to the allergies. This troper has a personal stash of Zyrtec and Sudophed (the real pseudoephedrine, not the phenelephrine "PE" version). She can also discuss medical procedures on the level of some med students, despite not being interested in the medical field.
  • Terrified of Germs This troper's father likes to berate her for this one (her brother joins in on it if he's feeling rather cranky that day). This troper would like to remind him that there are plenty of alternatives to touching other people in greeting.
    • As an aside, bacteria may actually be capable of "plotting" quite well for unicellular microorganisms, waiting to strike until there's enough of them to overwhelm the immune system. Sneaky little evil boogers!
  • Trademark Favorite Food Milk. Oh so much.
    • If they weren't expensive/a pain to acquire, sushi and azuki-flavor daifuku mochi might be contenders.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds Considering that this troper tends to put all her spunk into verbal sparring, many of her relationships are like this. It's usually never extremely vitriolic, but she'll argue if Oreos or M&Ms make the better ice cream topping just to have something to argue about (for the record, it's M&Ms).
  • Who Needs Enemies? This troper dislikes the saying, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." She prefers "The enemy of my enemy is a potentially interesting person who needs to be investigated," as it's closer to the truth.
  • Why Couldn't You Be Different? This troper's father wishes she was quiet, demure, and girly. In case you hadn't gathered it from the rest of the page, this troper is none of those.

    Gender And Sexuality Tropes 
  • All Women Are Prudes This troper waffles between thinking she's this and thinking she's just totally not interested. She figures she'll settle that once and for all after marriage.
    • Asexuality The other explanation. Depending on her mood, her thoughts on the subject range from disinterested to disgusted.
      • Humans Are Ugly This troper's knowledge of anatomy textbooks makes her wonder how the human race has lasted as long as it has and seriously question the sanity of those who watch porn. Reproductive systems are gross.
    • Sour Prudes This troper is rather disgusted with those who are loose with their morals and pants: not only are they setting themselves up for trouble, but they make it more difficult to find a male who is willing to wait for the honeymoon (and dang near impossible to find one who's been waiting all his life).
  • Blue Bishōnen Ghetto Studying game design puts this troper in a definite minority when it comes to gender distribution in college classes. The usual class size is "her plus four to seven guys", which would make for hilarious Unwanted Harrem shenanigans if they all fell for her at once (this fact has not escaped her notice). The actual bishiness of the guys does vary, however.
  • Chaste Teens / Hormone-Addled Teenager This troper was never much for the skimpy clothes or makeup, but she did spend a fair amount of time wondering why boys were so shallow and wanted to date pretty, popular cheerleaders instead of smart nerds like herself.
  • Chastity Couple Happens any time this troper dates a guy, as she hates Make-Out Kids and doesn't want to be one of them, so she's shy about doing anything more than Holding Hands in public.
  • I'm a Man, I Can't Help It This troper was on the receiving end of this one. Her boyfriend of four-and-a-half months informed her that he cared too much about her to just cheat on her but didn't think he'd be able to control himself because she's waiting for marriage and won't budge on the subject for any reason, so he had to end the relationship before he was tempted to cheat (amusingly, she informed him of the fact that she'd not sleep with him the evening he asked her out, but he didn't bring up the subject again for two months, and then only once, briefly, before another two months of silence). She thinks he either needs to learn self control or invest in some anaphrodisiacs if the physical urge is that overwhelming. Then again, she's the one who waffles between asexuality and good ol'e prudery - but her parents somehow managed it, and she's quite certain they have "healthy" drives... >_<
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness As pointed out above, chastity is one subject this troper will not budge on, for any reason.
    • What You Are in the Dark She's also quite certain that if she were of the mind to, she could get away with quite a bit. She's rather annoyed when people say her parents raised her well, as this seems to tie her morals to them, simultaneously insulting both her own moral fiber and her skills at sneakery!
  • Most Fanfic Writers Are Girls This troper admits to have written fanfics...and to being much better at conveying emotions than action (in a hilarious contrast to her own life).
  • Pink Boy, Blue Girl One of this troper's male friends is much better at dealing with his emotions than she is, while she is far more competitive with video games.
    • Funny story time: they took a personality test that claimed it measured masculinity vs. femininity. Said male friend was labeled "masculine", while this troper was labeled "gender transcendent". However, when comparing the individual components of masculinity, such as assertiveness, competitiveness, etc., this troper was consistently higher than her friend. And looking at feminine components, such as empathy, she was the same or lower than him. Logical Fallacies, test creators.
  • Tertiary Sexual Characteristics This troper's long hair and her habit of wearing sparkly clips insures you remember she's female. Not really feminine, per se, but in possession of two Xs and no Ys.
  • Tomboy Not so much of the plays-sports-and-likes-trucks variety, but of the nerdy gamer variety.
  • Tomboyish Name This troper's online handle is actually derived from her first dog. Said dog was female and, at least later in life, developed the habit of squatting to pee with one leg raised.
  • You Need to Get Laid Inverted. This troper has a habit of telling people they need to be spayed (or neutered).

    Intelligence Tropes 
  • Acting Your Intellectual Age This troper's logical skills have usually been several years ahead of her chronological age, but her emotional and social skills tend to be either at or below her age. This occasionally results in self-amusement when this troper realizes she's going through a "new" psychological stage or life experience that most peers went through some years ago.
  • Brilliant but Lazy This troper's mother often used the phrase nearly verbatim in describing her. Considering that this troper never studied in school and still managed to make As and Bs (and mostly As at that), she's inclined to agree.
  • Child Prodigy This troper's smarts showed when she was young. Her aunt claims she could talk at or even above the average intelligence of adult conversations as young as five or so.
    • Teen Genius By extension, she was also fairly smart as a teenager. Her eleventh grade class had to take a reading proficiency test, and this troper not only passed, but made a perfect score, placing at/above college level.
  • Education Mama This troper's father berated her mother for only caring if this troper was smart, not socially competent. Her mother later admitted to this troper that her response should've been that he only cares what she looks like or how popular she is.
  • Geeky Turn-On Discovering Masi Oka is cute like a living plushy and funny as well? Okay, that's nice. Discovering he's One of Us and a special effects programmer? New stalking target!
  • Genius Book Club Subverted and played straight. Subverted, in that this troper often reads stories simply for fun plots rather than intellectual value, and played straight in that she's got several reptile and insect guides and other biology books that she read just for fun.
  • Genius Slob This troper's room is a mess, and she showers twice a week unless absolutely necessary (those two showers are taken prior to church; if she were an atheist, she'd never bathe). She also likes to rewear the same set of clothes each day between showers because it cuts down on the laundry.
  • Genius Sweet Tooth This troper's Trademark Favorite Food is milk, but she's also fond of sweets and will eat xylitol straight out of the container. She used to like to eat straight sugar, too, but that rots teeth and xylitol doesn't.
    • And yes, thinking does require energy. This troper often gets hungry after tests.
  • Gibbering Genius Not usually, but if she has a lot to explain or is worried the other person will get bored or interrupt her due to a short attention span, this troper's mind can get ahead of her mouth and she'll end up skipping, transposing, or simply portmanteau-ing words.
  • Good with Numbers This troper once impressed a fabric cutter by calculating the addition of various parts of a yard in her head (e.g. 7/8 + 3/4 + 3/8 = 2 yards). However, she's only good at very basic math; anything more takes paper or a calculator.
  • Intelligence Equals Isolation This troper never thought it was her smarts that made her isolated, but she counts her childhood as both smart and isolated.
  • Nerves of Steel Usually played against her more emotional mother with grief.
  • Photographic Memory Not quite perfect, but certainly good. It's allowed this troper to coast through school, never taking notes or actively studying. In college, she occasionally went over certain subjects like politics right before the test with a classmate, but usually wound up annoying said classmates when she still got the answers right during their pre-test study session.
  • That One Girl This troper has been known to become this any time the teacher plays a game that involves answering questions. Of particular hilarity was her college nutrition class, where she was made scorekeeper for a game of pseudo-Jeopardy because she had finished reading the question, all four multiple-choice answers, and hit the buzzer for her team before anyone else even finished the question. The rest of the class just sort of gave up after a few rounds until this troper was forced to be scorekeeper.
    • Hilariously, the girl this troper replaced, who had originally volunteered to be scorekeeper, was almost as fast. The rest of the class just couldn't catch up.
  • Proud to Be a Geek
  • Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness This troper has a rather large vocabulary, and occasionally likes to flex it. However, she usually sticks to smaller words to avoid being misunderstood (or to come off looking like a bigot, as she's often annoyed by people who overuse big words to cover their just-average intelligence).
  • The Smart Girl This troper's usual role when assigned to a group. If she's not this, then she's the artist (which, sadly, isn't a trope).
  • Smart People Play Chess Averted. This troper hates chess because it takes too much thinking to be rightly termed a "game" and is too useless to serve a function aside from good metaphors.
  • The Spock This troper prefers logic to emotions, particularly in arguments (Think of the Children! in particular annoys her).
    • Spock Speak Comes out especially in writing, and in particular writing to anyone not a friend (school essays are most common, but correspondence to doctors or school advisers is not exempt).
  • Super Speed Reading This troper has never clocked herself, but she's always been fast. It tends to drive other people a little crazy in school.
  • Wise Beyond Their Years This troper has always been able to read and speak well above her grade level. It's less noticeable as an adult, but she's still a fountain of surprising trivia.
    • The Linus This troper was also known for being rather stupid in other aspects, in particular those involving social interaction.
    • Little Miss Snarker This troper's 9th grade history teacher once asked her how she got to be so cynical. This troper can't remember the comment she made that caused the teacher to ask her that, however.

    Morality Tropes 
  • Brutal Honesty This troper dislikes the social white lies people tell each other (as in, "Oh, yes, please tell me for the hundredth time about your completely boring house payments!"). She's not quite to the point of Radical Honesty, but she's close.
    • Will Not Tell a Lie This troper dislikes telling them. Her natural response to being asked an unpleasant question is to simply not answer, which tends to tell the asker what they wanted to know anyway...
  • Celibate Hero This troper is waiting for marriage, partly due to religious reasons and partly due to not really being interested.
    • Incorruptible Pure Pureness Due to the above two reasons, this troper butted heads with a boyfriend on the subject and would rather have let the relationship end than to sacrifice her morals.
  • Character Alignment This troper isn't sure where she'd fall in your typical alignment grid:
    • Chaotic Good This troper wishes everyone had the decency to be able to follow this alignment. As long as no one tries to directly control her too much, she's generally okay with a bit of order, but she dislikes being bossed around.
    • Chaotic Neutral One of this troper's friends likes to insist she's this. She can certainly be this online, especially as a joke; in-person is a bit more of a stretch.
    • Lawful Good As a Christian, she's pretty sure she's supposed to be this. The trouble comes when others believe obeying a code of conduct means she'll obey their code of conduct, even if their code is grating or outright at odds with her own.
    • Neutral Good This troper's default alignment when dealing with animals. She's yet to steal an abused dog from a back yard (or one from death row at the shelter), but doesn't necessarily find it a bad idea.
    • True Neutral This troper is generally non-political (she digs around the web to decide who she'll vote for at election time, but that's about it) and wishes the majority of people would just butt out.
  • Christianity Is Catholic Averted. And the trope itself annoys her to a small degree, but considering the way Hollywood tends to screw things up, maybe it's best that they leave other denominations alone...
  • The Fettered This troper sometimes jokes that if she weren't a Christian, she'd be a serial killer. It's probably not that bad, but...
  • Morality Pet This troper is uniquely polite to her dogs; her brother has even lampshaded the fact on occasion. And so, just to play with the trope some more, when she trained her second dog in Japanese, she trained him on the casually polite -te form of verbs (so instead of osuwari, he sits for suwatte).
    • Pet the Dog Likewise. For all her crabbiness at her own species, this troper can be usually nice to the furry sort.
  • Rebellious Spirit This troper dislikes rules for the sake of rules (she doesn't dislike them quite so much if she can see a point), and particularly doesn't like a lot of society's little rules about social conduct. Unfortunately, Reverse Psychology doesn't work on her because she's usually smart enough to figure out that you're using it (or, perhaps, what you're telling her not to do is something she didn't want to do in the first place).
  • Rule-Abiding Rebel This troper spells it "wierd" because I comes before E, dang it! She doesn't care what the spellcheck program or her English teachers say, it's spelled "wierd"!
    • Also, it's incredibly fun to get in front of someone on a two-lane road and set your cruise control to the speed limit!

    Personality Profiles 
This troper likes to play with personality tests. While she's gotten a fair number of different results, depending on her mood when taking the test, these are the ones she feels suit her best:
  • The Enneagram
    • Five
    • Six
    • Four
    • One
    • Eight
  • Myers-Briggs Another personality test this troper has played with:
    • INTP - This troper is prone to overthinking and has earned the nickname "Super Brain Over-Analyze-It Girl" for her troubles.
    • ISTP - Except for the part about "extreme sports" - unless you're talking about movies and video games, in which case Stuff Blowing Up amuses her greatly.
    • INFJ - Quiet, artistic, and totally hates crowds.
    • INTJ - This troper is certainly unafraid to tell people they're stupid. However, if she's in a silly mood, she's also unafraid to be stupid.
  • Big Five Personality Traits This troper actually hates this test, due to the fact that the results always seem to imply she'd be happier as an extravert.

    Personal Appearance Tropes 
  • Barely-There Swimwear Inverted: this troper wears a sun-proof swimsuit that covers nearly all her skin. She's been told it resembles an Old-Timey Bathing Suit.
    • Possibly even subverted, as this troper is of the thin sort who'd normally be seen wearing a bikini and not asked to please pick a larger suit next time. Certainly subverted by the fact that she owns "swim underwear" which she wears under said sun-proof suit...and the "swim underwear" in question is a modest tank top and shorts bathing suit combo.
  • Black Bra And Panties Also inverted: this troper owns only white underwear. She also owns only sports bras and granny-panties.
  • Braids of Action For practical reasons, this troper sometimes braids her hair during physical activities, though more often she'll just pull it back in a ponytail.
  • Brainy Brunette
  • But Not Too White Highly subverted. While this troper is an American and most of her friends are quite tan (even her father complements her brother for having "healthy color" after a summer by the pool), this troper thinks pale skin is more attractive and avoids the sun (also, she burns like a flambe if she's not careful, so tanning is right out). The exception is certain African skintones that are such a dark brown that they look like black velvet.
  • Carpet of Virility Played with. This troper, herself, usually doesn't bother shaving her legs, as she finds it to be a hassle not worth the time (occasionally, boyfriends may talk her into it). However, this troper also dislikes hairy men with scratchy Perma Stubble and much prefers the smooth Bishounen type.
  • Cool Shades This troper searched for quite some time to find a pair of sunglasses she liked enough to have made into prescription sunglasses so she could drive in the late afternoon with the sun coming in her windshield. They're small, sit flat against her face, and even wrap around the sides a little bit. As far as this troper is concerned, they are awesome.
  • Cute Little Fangs This troper never had braces, and her teeth are a bit crooked, so her canines and first set of premolars never lost the sharp tips that helped them cut through her gums.
  • Eternally Pearly-White Teeth Averted: this troper thinks whiteners are a waste of money and has ivory-colored teeth. Partly due to liking tea, partly due to being lazy about brushing for many years (interestingly, she only developed one cavity during this time, while her brother, who was very diligent with the toothpaste, got several. She blames the amount of sugar her brother eats).
  • Does Not Like Heels This troper will wear shoes, but prefers that they be as flat as possible. Her absolute favorite are jikatabi, which she describes as "like going barefoot, but you don't have to wash your feet every time you come inside".
  • Every Girl Is Cuter with Hair Decs This troper has a little butterfly clip and crystal flower decorative combs that she occasionally wears. Her mother recently gave her a set of headbands because she'd bought a multi-pack and thought there were too many for one woman to wear.
  • Femme Fatalons This troper bit her nails throughout her childhood and teen years. When she stopped, she naturally grew them out and now keeps them trimmed into a rounded point. And yes, she has threatened to stab people with them, but no, has never actually had to do it.
  • Geek Physiques Nerdy, skinny, and proud of it!
  • Green Eyes
  • Hairstyle Inertia This troper's hair has always been long. She had bangs up until about fifth grade, but grew them out after that. That's the only hairstyle change she's made in her entire life.
    • Show The Forehead The reason this troper originally grew her bangs out is that her mom told her it'd help control acne by keeping oily hair strands off her face. It's debatable if the hairstyle change, teenager-specific vitamins, or just simple time actually help clear it up.
  • Hartman Hips One of this troper's first indications that she'd hit puberty was when her childhood shorts suddenly wouldn't pull up over her hips any more, despite being big enough at the waist. Then they didn't stop growing.
    • Baby Got Back While this troper hates her own rear, a male friend once admitted that he and some other boys of the church youth group had been ranking the girls based on appearances. While this troper was only given a 6/10 overall, her butt was ranked a full 10. This troper wasn't sure which disturbed her more: that a group of boys liked her behind, or that the group of boys in question professed to be Christians.
  • Hollywood Thin This troper actually is very slender, with a small bone frame (her hands have been compared to a child's due to their size). However, she still hates shopping for clothes...because nothing fits!
  • Lean and Mean This troper would debate you on how outright "mean" she is (she's certainly capable of being mean, but doesn't consider herself a mean person), but she's definitely lean.
  • Letting Her Hair Down Inverted: this troper thinks she looks better with her hair pulled out of her face, and wearing her hair down is generally meant to signify laziness rather than attractiveness.
  • Meganekko This troper wears glasses, but only to drive (and sometimes leaves them on once she gets to the place she's driven to). She normally forgets them if someone else is driving.
    • Blind Without 'Em This troper's mother believes she must be this, because her prescription is -150/20 in her right eye and -200/20 in her left. In actuality, aside from reading signs at a distance, this troper functions just fine without her glasses due to some Disability Superpowers.
  • Messy Hair This troper's hair is just as disobedient as she is. Which is to say, it's funny looking but not really dangerous.
    • Wild Hair Unless she has somewhere important to go, like church or a date, this troper often skips brushing her hair.
  • Nice Shoes This troper gets comments on the split toe of her jikatabi.
  • Older Than They Look This troper is consistently mistaken for being younger than she is. At 21, a furniture salesman mistook her for a junior high student, and at 23, the owner of her favorite Chinese restaurant thought she was 16.
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette Pale to the point of nearly-albino. Her hair is a moderately-dark shade of brown.
  • Pettanko This troper is flat and dang proud of it. Boobs get in the way, dude. Not to mention, Gainaxing is uncomfortable at a small size; this troper can't imagine floppy watermelons stuck to her chest.
  • Plain Jane Type two.
    • Hollywood Homely This troper likes to joke about being able to play the ugly girl in a show or movie by just forgetting her hairbrush.
  • Rapunzel Hair This troper's hair is as long as her genes will allow it, which is somewhere mid-buttocks.
  • Strong Family Resemblance This troper has been told she looks just like a great-aunt on her father's side. Having never seen a photo of said woman, this troper can't be sure, but she looks a fair bit like many of her paternal relatives, so she's not surprised.
  • Unusual Eyebrows This troper doesn't pluck or shape her eyebrows in any way. They're perfectly normal, as far as eyebrows go, but tend to stand out because all the other girls do pluck theirs (usually to degrees that this troper wonders why they didn't just shave them totally off and redraw them with pencils).

  • Too Much Information This troper is queen of the TMI. Ask her about her menstrual cycle, or what her bowels are doing. She knows, and she will share.
    • Menstrual Menace This troper hates her period. She also hates the time leading up to her period, as she tends to be rather cranky and crampy some months. At least she doesn't start crying for no reason.
      • Mood-Swinger Usually brought on by the hormones. You like your head attached, yes? Don't bug this troper when she's PMSing.
    • Nobody Poops Averted. As stated, this troper keeps track of her bowels. If she's not pooping, it's time for some fiber and concord grape juice.
    • No Periods, Period Averted. This troper certainly wishes she had no periods, however.
      • Overdrawn at the Blood Bank This troper is convinced her uterus hogs more than its fair share of blood, only to wastefully spew it all out in the course of a week.
    • Nose Nuggets This troper will freely admit to mining some unusual ones. She will also admit to being able to sneeze globs of snot that will stick to anything in the vicinity when her allergies act up. If she were a character in a game or anime, that would definitely be her signature attack.

  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg This troper has never understood other people who refuse help or donations, and certainly never understood those who were too proud to beg for their own life (thankfully, she's never been in such a life-or-death situation, but has a feeling she'd cower as well as any).
    • She's invented the saying "The only reason there's no free lunch is because you insist on paying" for those people who refuse to accept another's charity.
  • Angst Aversion This troper is a Spoiler Hound when she suspects the ending may be less than happy, and avoids works with endings that are more bitter than sweet.
  • Ate His Gun This troper once listened to a man tell the story of his attempted suicide. He attempted the trope, but failed because the bullet had no gunpowder in it due to a manufacturing defect.
  • Be Yourself This troper kinda took this one and ran with it. Good luck convincing her to pretend to be someone she isn't.
  • Big Name Fan There was a time when a fair number of Ratchet & Clank fans knew who Sandy87 was.
    • Small Name, Big Ego The basic point of this page, really. Certainly the reason for its length.
  • Cannot Tell a Joke Some people accuse this troper of this, given that her jokes may be sarcastically biting or just too nerdy for the target. Your Mileage May Vary on how funny you think she is.
  • Cargo Ship This troper's calico cat has a thing for plastic grocery bags. Her dog likes them, too.
  • Child Hater This troper despises small children for various reasons (it's partly that they make the Most Annoying Sound, partly that they have No Sense of Personal Space, and partly that the rest of the human race doesn't see why these qualities are annoying).
    • Would Hurt a Child But only if they invaded her space first. And only if she was sure she wouldn't be attacked by a protective adult. Keep the kids quiet and away from this troper, and she has no reason to seek them out.
  • Contemplating Your Hands This troper does it sober. She still finds them fascinating at times.
  • Crack! Oh My Back! This troper went to a chiropractor precisely once, and will never go again. He pushed her spine around a bit and cracked her neck (the reason she's never going to another), but she swears that every joint in her body, including untouched ones like knees and ankles, popped for months afterward every time she stood up or stretched after sitting for a while. The popping eventually stopped, but it drove her crazy for a while.
  • Cryptic Conversation One of this troper's biggest pet peeves is ambiguity. She most often runs into it at church, in which people ask for prayers "for personal problems" and forgiveness for "bad decisions"...but don't actually spill the juicy beans as to what's going on!
    • In case you can't tell, yes, this troper is a nosy sort. It's less about having something to hang over others' heads and more about having all the facts.
  • Deadpan Snarker This troper is fond of sarcastic comments.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen This troper was a very withdrawn preteen and teenager (not quite emo, just...not friendly). She's still not a social butterfly, but she's a little more open (provided you don't try to touch her).
  • Determinator This troper's general approach to life as a whole. She greatly disagrees with DNRs, and has two common quotations to sum up such:
    "Hey, don't give up yet. Life ain't over 'till you stop breathing, and then there's always CPR."
    "I need a DNNR: Do Not Not Resuscitate. I want them to try, and try, and try again, until it's a fool's errand. And then, try one more time, just to be sure."
  • Disability Superpower This troper is more-or-less anosmic (no sense of smell) and rather nearsighted to boot. As compensation, she can learn to recognize people by the sound of their footsteps or by larger body movements such as gait that can be seen at a distance where facial features become blurry.
  • Dream People: This troper has several. They're usually No Name Given.
    • Guy Of My Dreams There's a guy who repeatedly appears in this troper's dreams who she refers to as her animus for lack of a better title. He's tall and slim, with fair skin and eyes that shift between yellow and grey (which is totally impossible, but dreams are like that). His hair is either black or blond, depending on mood, but is stable for each individual dream. He's also mellow, quiet, and has a decidedly "safe" aura to him. As far as this troper can tell, he's an amalgam of everything she likes and admires about the male gender, representing what she'd like in the ideal man
    • Shadow Archetype This troper has seen two manifestations of her Shadow in dreams. The first was an Acrofatic Knife Nut girl who fought with an over-sized kitchen knife (though it was average-sized at best for a sword, it was a kitchen knife and thus huge for its function). The second was a mentally retarded and incredibly rich Fat Idiot who had never been denied anything in life, because people felt sorry for him and always did exactly as he wanted. Unfortunately for this troper, he wanted to marry her, and she was apparently the first person ever to not bend over backwards to his will (this resulted in an annoying chase dream).
    • Spirit Advisor An old man, tall, thin, kind, and grandfatherly. He represents this troper's general unconsciousness and would dispense sagely advice...except that he only knows what this troper already knows. He may have a new interpretation of the information, though.
  • Ear Worm This troper tends to catch them, but is surprisingly resistant to actually singing along with them. However, the odds of her liking a song increase if it's suitably catchy.
  • Emotionless Girl For the most part, this troper is calm and stoic. Those who don't know better would swear she's totally emotionless.
    • Tin Woman She often struggles to quite figure out what she's feeling if intense, conflicting emotions crops up. Pure sadness (grief at death) is easier to understand than a mix of sadness, longing, and anger (a breakup).
  • Encyclopedic Knowledge This troper is known for being a fountain of useless (though usually interesting or at least unusual, and sometimes even useful) facts.
  • Everyone Looks Sexier If French Toyed with. This troper is fond of Asians (though it tends to be more due to the Asian and Nerdy stereotype than anything), and has recently decided she likes Basshunter's voice, but, despite the trope name, does not like anything French except papillons and Code Lyoko.
  • Fangirl Thankfully of the saner kind. At least saner compared to the more well-known types of fangirls.
  • Gallows Humor This troper's favorite method of dealing with rotten things you can't really control.
  • Gamer Chick
  • Goshdang It To Heck The strongest words you will ever hear from this troper are "dang", "darn", and "crud".
    • Troubling Unchildhood Behavior This troper used to cuss as a four-year-old. Of course, she now sees cussing as stupid and immature as well as obscene, and thinks anyone who can control their tongue through anger is more impressive than someone who drops F-bombs when annoyed.
  • Granola Girl Toyed with. While she's against animal testing and for nature conservation and renewable energy (she wants a LEAF and a solar-and-wind-powered geodesic house), she's not prone to picket lines or rants. She does tend to tell members of the oil industry that if they're smart enough to find oil underground, they're smart enough to build a solar array if only their bosses would be willing to not drive three Porches and have twelve more bedrooms than family members in their houses.
    • All-Natural Snake Oil This troper is fond of organic and "all natural" products, but is smart enough to read the ingredient list and has more than once gone, "That's natural!? Whose definition of 'natural' is that?" or just, "It may be natural, but it's still junk food."
    • She blames Captain Planet for her hippie tendencies.
  • Gratuitous Japanese This troper attempts to learn it, with various amounts of success (she imported Princess Debut for the purpose of practicing and found it to be a bit above her reading level). She trained her papillon in Japanese for additional practice.
    • Baka Foreign insults are always funny.
    • Bokukko She doesn't speak much Japanese, but she does tend to use boku by nature (also tends to use the short form instead of the longer -masu form) and has to remind herself to use watashi when speaking to the teacher.
  • Growing Up Sucks This troper was in peak physical shape at the age of ten. Then eleven came, with its ill-fitting pants and cranky days of blood loss, and she's never felt 100% comfortable in her own skin since. Oh, it's gotten better since getting past the Mood-Swinger teenage years, but she wishes she could take her wise adult mind and plop it into a healthy prepubescent body.
  • Heroic Safe Mode When this troper's first dog died, she ran on autopilot for a few days. Didn't eat much, didn't say much, and certainly didn't feel much. Everything not devoted to basic physical survival was emotionally turned off. And, despite returning to more normal actions (i.e., having an interest in food) within a week, she didn't completely reboot her emotional state for some months.
  • Ignore the Fanservice Tends to happen when watching TV, as the fanservice is either the wrong gender or too much Heroic Build and Perma Stubble.
  • Insult Backfire Happens sometimes, especially when people accuse her of being wierd or unlike other people her age. She's quite happy to hear that, thank you.
  • Intergenerational Friendship One of this troper's friends is twelve years older than her.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold Yes, she can be mean, but this troper has her nice moments, too.
  • Loners Are Freaks This troper has been accused of being this, though whether it's that her freakiness makes her a loner or being lonely made her a freak changes (usually the former, but not always).
  • Made of Iron This troper does not bruise easily and has at least once surprised a friend by crashing into a table/chairs/other objects and not bruising (she credits her vitamins, in particular the large amount of vitamin C she takes). She has also never broken a bone and would love to do a bone density scan and watch it display OVER 9000!!! (she credits drinking milk and a certain amount of caution; it's harder to fall and break your arm when you don't climb the tree). However, the fact that she doesn't show physical signs of injury doesn't mean it doesn't hurt, which tends to make her even more cautious in order to avoid the pain (and thus ups her rate of "days without serious injury").
  • Manly Tears This troper hates crying, as it makes you appear weak (yes, a girl hates crying out of weakness). She tends to cry silently, as it doesn't draw attention, and gets irritated when public speakers get too passionate about their topics and start choking up.
    • Sand In My Eyes This troper has allergies that make her eyes red and watery at times. The similarity means a convenient allergy attack can cover crying.
  • Modesty Towel This troper's bathroom is not directly connected to her bedroom, so she makes her post-shower trip between the two in a towel.
  • Mondegreen This troper misheard the chorus of Despre Tine as "My-y naked naughty day!" The song was instantly funnier.
  • The Nicknamer This troper is known for this. Her brother is "Stinky" or a variant thereof ("Stinky Ottsel" is fairly common). One friend-turned-boyfriend was affectionately known as "the hitchhiker" due to him riding with her to college.
    • Call a Rabbit a "Smeerp" She's also been known to refer to mixed-breed dogs (particularly those of short hair, medium size and tan color) as "sousous". This in itself is a reference to her first dog, whose name was Sandy but ended up getting called "Soupdog" (no, not because she liked soup). This was doubled into "Soup-Soup", and then the Ps were dropped.
  • No Social Skills This troper has taught herself some of the psychological principles behind human behavior...but still has trouble actually using them for anything practical.
    • Not Good with People Type 2. This troper gets along quite well with dogs, and most other animals as well, but finds humans...strange. And confusing. And often annoying. And, sometimes, interestingly amusing.
  • Not So Different This troper and her father, who are both stubborn and hard-headed alpha-types. Naturally cause for plenty of friction, as her father wants to be normal and have his family appear as normal as possible, and this troper...doesn't.
    • Also, on a creepier note, this troper has occasionally noted similarities between herself and Sylar. She's just less interested in brains (and killing).
  • The Quiet One This troper tends to not talk a great deal...unless you hit the right topic.
  • Rule 63 This troper's father and brother insist that she the female version of Sheldon Cooper. Then Amy came along...
  • Same Clothes, Different Year Due to her love of baggy shirts, this troper actually has clothes she's worn for ten or fifteen years. She just never outgrew them, so she never thought to throw them away.
  • Sense Freak This troper has never had much of a sense of smell due to her allergies clogging her nose and sinuses. Once, she found a medicine that cleared up her sinuses enough that she could smell like a normal person, and naturally spent a great deal of time sticking her nose in things just to see what they smelled like.
    • Sense Loss Sadness Averted, as even though the medicine only worked once and subsequent bottles of it failed to keep her nose cleared, she didn't figure she should miss her sense of smell that much - after all, she lived without it for 22 years, so why couldn't she go back to living without it after only a month? It was more a fun toy than a useful ability, really.
  • Shipping Yes, this troper does it. And will admit to it. Her mother does it, too, and has told this troper she should marry Hiro Nakamura, Sheldon Cooper, and Spencer Reid - the first because she said she loved "the funny Japanese guy" after watching the pilot episode, and the second two because they're as smart and strange as she is.
  • Spice Rack Panacea This troper knows a couple. Grape juice moves your bowels and cleans out a lazy gallbladder (with the fun side effect of green poo!). Oregano can help head off a cold. Etc., etc., etc.. She also knows to watch what you mix and how often you take things: for example, goldenseal can mess with blood sugar.
  • The Stoic This troper tends to suppress her emotions around anyone she doesn't know. Or doesn't feel comfortable with. She lets her guard down on happiness fairly easily, but guards her sadness closely, and feels that other people should keep their crying to themselves, too.
    • Not So Stoic Make her angry, though, and she'll snap at you. Sometimes quite dramatically.
  • Strange Girl
  • Third-Person Person Only when being silly. Or when on TV Tropes.
  • The Tragic Rose When this troper's first dog died, her father brought home a single dark carmine rose to place in her homemade coffin. This troper finds the symbolism of cut flowers more fitting to death than love: you want grief to end, just like a cut flower wilts.
  • Trampled Underfoot Averted, as this troper goes out of her way not to disturb more than she has to. She even avoids stepping on insects simply because she doesn't figure they deserve it.
  • Tsundere Type A. Feistiness varies based on general mood, time of day, fullness of stomach, and point in cycle.
  • Two-Person Pool Party This troper once went swimming with a boyfriend while her parents were out of town. In a subversion, the swimsuits stayed on.
  • Unnecessary Makeover This troper's friend once convinced her to let her give her a makeover. While other people complemented this troper on how nice she looked, this troper was disgusted by the way makeup looks and feels on her face.
  • Vanity License Plate This troper does not have one, but when she gets an electric car, she wants it to read FARTLESS or similar.
  • Victoria's Secret Compartment As a Pettanko who likes sports bras (and has trouble finding them small enough), this troper finds there's plenty of space in there, particularly on days when she wears pocketless pants. Her current record is a bottle of hand sanitizer, cell phone, credit card, and driver's license, all nicely hidden.
  • Weakness Turns Her On This troper's ideal man is rather slender and is only strong enough to open a pickle jar (and possibly do a Bridal Carry due to its inherent cuteness). In particular, giant pectorial muscles gross her out because they resemble man-boobs. Personalities vary from mild-mannered-with-a-spine to something a bit spunkier, but are generally shades of Nice Guy; Testosterone Poisoning is an ugly thing.
  • You Must Be Cold This troper has a tendency to be cold in general, but has at least once had a boyfriend who used her shivering as an excuse to cuddle.

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