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Writer and programmer attempting to find a genre he can call home.

I'll add more here as I get adjusted to the website. Since im terrified of TvTropes overtaking my other hobbies, I tend to keep my distance from YKTTW. Instead, I mostly focus on spelling and grammar fixes as well as starting pages for works that lack them. I fix errors as I see them during my Wiki Walks, so my edit history looks a bit odd.

I am immersed in the Half-Life 2 modding community even if I have yet to make a mod myself, so I have taken it upon myself to give notable and unique total-conversion-mods their own pages.


If a page has both a protagonist page/folder AND an antagonist folder/page, a hero who betrays the group should usually be in BOTH PLACES with a spoiler tagged link on his hero profile that leads to his walking-spoiler-treatment antagonist profile. Otherwise people can imply by the fact he is not present in the good guys folder that he can only be in with the other villains in their folder.


Pages I'm about to launch

  • Human Error (Story driven HL 2 mod)

Pages I created (And am still working on)

  • Water (Just founded. Still under construction)
  • DayHard (Yes I know its crude. It still deserves a page)

''Pages I Created (That I consider "complete")

Pages I'm currently actively revising (As opposed to drive-by revisions) Pages I've finished revising.
  • None yet D:

People can write stuff below, I suppose