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This is my page, You will all bow before the glory that is this page.

About author: I will now list a series of exaggerated positive traits in an effort to seem like a likable person, only to reveal myself as a complete jerk and a shallow human being. Then I will laugh and say it was all a joke for I am not really a shallow human being, but a deeply complex one pretending to be one for my own amusement. I will still be a jerk though, so feel free to call me that. I also make bad fanfics of stories and like to think of myself as a good writer, except I'm not a good one since all my work is "advant-garde" which is a code for "This may be horrible, but it seems deep." I am so clever.

In all seriousness, I mainly enjoy Touhou and most of my edits involve the character section. I love Baccano, Cowboy Bebop, and anything else that is similar to those two things.

Tropes that apply to me:

Awesome but impractical: This defines my being completely. Or it doesn't. I don't really know.

The Saruman: I try to outwit others but tend to get outwitted myself.

Place where people can talk about me: I Don't need compliments, just talk about me.

You think you're so clever, Guile. ~Cliché

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