As of 2012, a female troper who has reached twenty-two years of age. She enjoys reading, TV shows (oh so many), films, video games, internetting, and avoiding playing solitaire by taking {{WikiWalk}}s. Needless to say, [[{{TVTropesWillRuinYourLife}} TV Tropes have ruined her life.]]

'''This troper provides examples of:'''
* AllWomenLoveShoes: Guilty as charged.
* BackseatDriver / CaptainObvious: While a decent driver herself, she is not very good at video gaming (although not from trying). Therefore she finds joy in yelling at her boyfriend and his friends while they play [[{{CallOfDutyBlackOps}} "Five"]] to "Look out!" and another favorite, "Behind you!"
* BilingualBonus: The troper is majoring in ASL (American Sign Language) interpreting.
** Subverted: The troper now hopes to transfer schools and major in Greek and Roman civilizations, with a future Master's in Library Science.
* CatchPhrase: She tends to pick up catchphrases from friends, lovers and media and use them excessively for a while. She then realises how annoying it is and then tries desperately to break herself of the habit.
* IncrediblyLamePun:
---> Friend A: I'm sick of people asking me to design their website for free.
---> Friend B: Would you design my website for cheese?
---> Friend A: Only if I get cheese for life.
---> Troper: That deal sounds Gouda to me!
---> *collective boo-hiss*
* [[{{ptitle3zaap0y7ym6o}} Mathematician's Answer]]:
---> "What do you want for dinner?"
---> "Food."
---> "What kind?"
---> "The edible kind."
---> ''End Of Line.''