Tropers / Rowsdower Saves Us

Why hello... Well, I'm Rowsdower Saves Us. More info coming soon.

Tropes I Qualify For
  • ActionGirl Don't mess with me. You will be sorry.
  • BadAss Don't try to attack me. I once beat the pulp out of a guy because he tried to push me into a lake. Hey, I don't like to be pushed, and I can't read your mind.
  • BadAssLongcoat I have one. My friends refer to it as my "Trenchcoat of Death." It's great for smuggling drinks into movie theaters.
  • BerserkButton Threaten anyone I care about. Just try.
  • Cloudcuckoolander Only mildly. People tend to find me random or eccentric.
  • FieryRedhead
  • WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes I have two very irrational, but very strong, phobias: swinging objects (such as windchimes, lamps, swings), and underwater footage of the Titanic.