Tropers / Roughdraft

"As much as I enjoy spending time editing TV Tropes, I have to admit; some of the recent aesthetic changes bug me. Like the YMMV pages? That is a hideous shade of blue."
This troper, during a conversation with a close friend

Michael, the real housewife of the internet. Wait no, that came out wrong. He too, was linked to this site through XKCD, and some say that perhaps, he never left.

When not writing articles, or working on hiring new people at a nearby clinic, he can be found playing a good RPG or Platformer, reading whatever manga in available at the library because Borders closed, cooking something he saw on Food Network or in the grocery checkout aisle, or browsing for candy colored ponies who say silly things.

He can be found on tumblr as Roughdrafted.

He started the MapleStory Character Page under the name MS Adict, but left that account do to old shame. He still logs into Maplestory though. On occasion.