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Blue text that leads instantly to the page you are on—no loading time! But how do we know for sure?

Dear Listeners, read closely, for the events I am about to relay to you are of the sort that may pass over the mind like a cloud in your disbelief, but I tell you; every single word is true. I, too, once believed that the clicking of the Blue Text above was nothing but a trifle, that it really didn't do anything. Only a color, I said to my students, and that night filmed myself doing the deed to prove that I would be the same the next morning if I tried. Little did I know, however, that all such things come out in the wash—except for red wine and mustard, that is, but I am a carbon-based life form.

My home is the arid wasteland in the atom that is the jugular of the earth; cut it and the sand that rises will mingle with the clouds and choke the birds and the deep-sky birds that fly where humans suffocate until their beaks bend back and eclipse upon the body. Oh, what gnarled formations are produced in the dark that borders space! One hangs a threadlike lure down into the more inhabitable planes to attract seagulls, which are entangled, then decompressed as the fiend reels them in higher and higher—what enters the predator's mouth no longer looks like it can fly (once such a lure plastered itself against the windshield of my monoplane, blurring the glass with green goo; it was a near crash). Another sheds downy feathers from its body that dissolve upon the tongue like sugar and produce visions of what one looked like before they were born and of the tiny people that walk out of the ears in the hundreds when one dies.

When I turned on the video, for time had bent itself, and I already had the finished project with me, something turned inside-out when I clicked those azure words, and now nothing can ever change. Nothing can ever remove the creases from where the folding took place without ripping them out forcibly and leaving time in two, maybe four, maybe some repeating decimal—if that is the case, eat this cassette, then immediately seek medical attention. I blame those who think yet have no heads.


Whoah! Thank godness that's over. Anyway I'm Ronin a As if year old male hailing from the DMV region of the United States (Prince George's county to be specifc) I'm a major worldbuilder and some what of a social enigma, having been baned from internet forums over 30 times. Currently is on a quest to get ten YKTTW's validated by The Three Rules of Three, launched and made into pages. Current status:

Having Pages

Launched and Awaiting Pages