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Violence and video games? Yea, that sounds like Lucy.
a friend, comparing me to Gaz

Well, it seems you have found my page. Since you went through the trouble, I suppose I should tell you about myself. I go by Rhos, Lu, Lucy or whatever you feel like calling me. I'm a 23 year old college kid who spends her Friday nights at LAN parties and kicks a mean hacky-sack. I grew up just outside the Big Applesauce, and am currently attending school in Philadelphia. No, I have not tried the cheesesteak.

I cosplay. If you value your sanity you won't get me talking about cosplay. Please enjoy this photo of me cosplaying.

I'm on tumblr. I'm on Steam.

My face can be found here. Please enjoy staring at it.

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Holy shit that cosplay picture is awesome. I have decided to like you ~SlendidSuit

Welcome,It is I King Yggdrasil.-Xiphos Orochi 666

I stared at your face! :D -The Mike