This troper is male, he is Welsh. Born in 1996.

Things beloved by this troper, are as follows.

I should divide this into folder thingies, but if I had the drive to do so.

* {{Godflesh}}
* {{Metro 2033}} prefers the book
* {{Crowbar}}
* {{Bioware}} games
* {{Candlemass}}
* The {{Half-Life}} series
* {{Ministry}}
* The {{Fallout}} series
* BladeRunner
* {{Faith No more}} And all of the Mike Patton side projects I've heard of
* Zombies, just zombies. From Brian Keene to George A. Romero
* {{Timesplitters}}; One of the first games I ever played...I feel like a fetus!
* {{Gojira}}: The band and the big lizard himself.
* {{The Thing}} I love the original but I prefer the remake
* AnAmericanWerewolfInLondon
* Horror movies in general, no, movies in general!
* The CiaphasCain novel series
* The Melvins
* AesopRock
* {{Preacher}}
* Asphyx
* The band Death
* Senmuth
* Agalloch
* ArmedandDangerous
* NapalmDeath
* Immolation
* Bolt Thrower
* S.T.A.L.K.E.R.


A question. Yes? Why does he switch between third and first person here? Eff knows honestly.