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Tropers: Revolver Zen
This troper is male, he is Welsh. Born in 1996.

A man of not many interests, books, movies and the occasional game, oh and firearms, not a wide spectrum. Compared to others in this site. But he is easy to please. Very easy to please. A self-confessed feminist. Very far left wing views.

According to some of his fellow tropers, squick is one of his loves, as are guns and ammunition and I just like surplus/camping stuff. He might disagree, or he might not... TV Tropes both ruined and empowered my life. He may or may not have a Creepy Monotone he doesn't think so... His favourite item of clothing, is a pair of leather Fingerless Gloves Quite left wing, doesn't fit in well. Feminist, queer, gun nut, prepper all things he calls himself, he may believe it makes him sound modern and cosmopolitan, but he just agrees with the movements, the latter two he likes the subject but not the fanbase.

Switches between third person and first person quite a lot on his/my page.

His Facebook [1]

Things beloved by this troper, are as follows.

I should divide this into folder thingies, but if I had the drive to do so.

A question. Yes? Why does he switch between third and first person here? Eff knows honestly.

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