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My old/alt account; Olivetree

Good day, yon Troper!

I see you hath found mine page, indeed?


Let me tell you a little something- I am a Male, as are many on this site and I am British.

I am 23 years of Age, and I have a fondness for History, weaponry, writing, Video Games and more.

I consider myself to be a huge fan of H.G.Wells, and I count The Invisible Man as my favorite novel of all time.

With The First Men in the Moon as a close second. Although The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is also a favorite of mine.

My personality is as erratic as a calm lake. Sometimes it's extremely consistent, but when I'm bored it's like someone threw a big boulder into it, causing a lot of waves and dead aquatic creatures. I'm probably bored as I edit this page right now. I also enjoy making analogies.

Boredom makes me somewhat eccentric but at other times I'm rather sane, to be honest. Considered Intelligent as well. Although I'd never say it myself.

It is perhaps interesting to note that I have broadened my scope of literary since last I edited this. I am currently reading Guy Boothby's Five Novel series of Dr. Nikola, on the third book: The Lust of Hate.

I consider A Bid for Fortune not terribly good because of Richard Hatteras being boring to read about and not enough screen time for Nikola I found, as Nikola is part of the Sherlock Holmes tradition where his exploits are told through the looking glass of someone else, though the person in question changes every novel I'm led to believe.

Dr Nikola returns however was exciting. And it made me believe that it is under-appreciated and I personally would welcome an adaptation for modern audiences, as sadly Guy Boothby's language is dated.

I have recently decided that Dynasty Warriors is the one game series that I never knew I needed in my life.

It is awesome. I'm Wei into it.