Tropers / Raz Fox

So who are you supposed to be, anyway?

Raz_Fox. Fastest Troper Alive.

Are you some kind of geek or something?

One of the best.

Okay... so, what are you interested in, anyway? It's kind of obvious that you're some sad comic-book freak, but what else?

More than a passing interest in mythology, fantasy, and Japan.

One of those weeaboos, huh?

Actually, it's a cultural heritage thing. Okami is what really got me interested in exploring that side of myself, but I'm branching out into anime and some research when I can. It's fascinating. I'm a lover of the British Isles for the same reason. You just don't get castles living down here in Texas.

So, do you have any aspirations other than just being a nerd with no life?

I'm planning to be a speculative fiction writer (read: fantasist). I'm also an Eagle Scout, if that's any interest.

Do you really think that you can make a living off expecting other people to read your drivel?

Well, you're still reading this, aren't you? Have a good day, unknown troper, and may all your edits be blessed.