Tropers / Rayne Cyro

"If rain is the tears of the Earth, let her cry. Even the cruelest, most uncaring people need to feel bad some time."

"Dude, every time you walk into a room, everyone hears fucking 'O Fortuna' playing."
Unnamed bystander

Hey guys. You're looking at my page.

Granted, this should be obvious given that my name is at the top, but I digress.

I'm a person of many names and origins, though I am verifiably male at the very least. Just call me Rayne, or, for the daring, Ro.

What's that? My hobbies? Video Games, Eating, Sleeping, and reading the unholy abominations more commonly called badfic. And not just My Immortal or Full Life Consequences. I'm talking Celebrian and The Girl Who Lived kind of bad.

I also happen to be a die-hard Brony.

I'm not all fun and daisies, though; I have a few striking personality problems. I'm trying to overcome them; the last is the most critical, and thus is the one I'm currently focused mostly on. Besides those, I'm incredibly self-critical; I like to write, and people who have seen my work say I'm quite good, but I constantly find flaws in everything I write and so almost nobody ever gets to read it because its not "ready."

My other big issue is that I tend to be a little caustic when it comes to things like Fan Dumb, Hate Dumb, and especially my personal Pet-Peeve Trope, NOSTALGIA FILTER. I do my best to remain objective when editing pages that aren't this one, though, and I prefer to avoid Flame Wars on such subjects. I do have one major Berserk Button; see below.

I eat Sues for breakfast. They taste terrible, but it's all I've got. And I don't take shit from Candle Jack either. Those six packs won't drink themselves, so you'd better get right on that.

Tropes Universally Applying to Me:

  • Asexuality: Go on. Tell me one more time that I'm just in denial.
    • Side note: I'm not Aromantic, though.
  • Badass Longcoat: I own one. For practical reasons, mostly (it rains a lot 'round here), but I admittedly included the look when considering the buy.
  • Made of Iron: I have a reputation for surviving things that should have killed me, and walking away all but uninjured from situations that put far more physically fit individuals in the hospital. Perhaps most famously (around my high school, anyways), I once passed out in English class; it was determined that my blood sugar was so low my doctor was amazed I hadn't dropped dead at that point.
  • Must Have Caffeine: Yes I must. Because it helps with the fact that I'm...
  • Not a Morning Person
  • Sword Cane: I also own one. Not so many practical reasons for this.

Tropes that frequently pop up surrounding me:

Tropes frequent in my writing:

  • Anyone Can Die - I'm rather fond of this one.
  • Author Appeal - Rather than listing them all here, I'll put a * by any tropes that qualify. (Note: Any and all Author Appeal in my work is strictly non-sexual.)
  • Badass Longcoat *
  • BFG / BFB / BFS *
  • Big Damn Heroes - Frequently.
  • Cool Plane / Cool Starship *
  • Dungeon Punk * - I won't lie; this is my absolute favorite setting to work with, and one of two that I most frequently use.
  • Face Death with Dignity / Go Out with a Smile - Overcoming the fear of death is a requisite character development for any character who wants to earn the title of Bad Ass.
  • Gun Porn / Technology Porn *
  • Gunship Rescue * - Could be listed with Big Damn Heroes but I tend to prefer aerial badassery.
  • Magic A Is Magic A - Inconsistency is perhaps my biggest pet peeve in writing, and as such I tend to be VERY firm about the limits of any magic/tech I show; Exception is given to instances where technological development or augmentation would lead to new usages.
  • Mohs Scale of Science Fiction Hardness - My other biggest setting, and second favorite to work with, is Sci-Fi. My works tend to fall squarely under Physics Plus; I'll make up plenty of Applied Phlebotinum, but I tend to stick to real-world physics when non-phlebotinum is involved, and when using phlebotinum I tend to use at least semi-plausible explanations (or at the very least give an explanation that modern science can't disprove due to scientific/technological limitations.)
  • The Multiverse \ Canon Welding - All of my writings take place in the same canon, merely different universes; this is shown through the prevalence of one particular race of beings (the only ones thusfar known to be capable of interuniversal travel) throughout my various works, though sometimes their presence (or former presence, depending on the time period) is merely implied as opposed to directly stated.
  • Orchestral Bombing - A variation; I always, ALWAYS have music playing when writing battles, helps really get me into it and write better. For example, this is one of my personal favorites
  • One of the Boys / The Lad-ette - I'd estimate the ratio of more masculine to more feminine women in my writings is roughly 4-to-1. Given how most (around 70%) of my friends are girls who fall into one of the above, this isn't surprising.
  • Prophecy Twist - I make no secret that I HATE writing traditional "Chosen One" stories, so if you see a prophecy in my works, you are permitted to immediately jump to the conclusion that it's being misread somehow.
  • Vasquez Always Dies - While I generally avert this, it does happen from time to time (though always a variation in that I have NEVER written a Vasquez character dying in favor of a more feminine character; if I off a hard-ass, it'll be in favor of another hard-ass who I have other plans for.)