Tropers / Ravvie

Ravvie is a twenty four year old college student and big sister living in Arkansas.

She also likes lots of things... preferably with a superhero/fantasy/sci-fi/action/go banana! slant. It's understandable then why many her age call her immature, but she very rarely interacts with people her own age anymore, she just can't be bothered.

She is an aspiring writer and hopes to one day be able to go to sleep at a reasonable hour so she can get up for saturday morning cartoons. So far, she has succeeded in this, partly because of an alarm clock, and partly because of the fact that her body wakes her up at six-thirty. Occasionally though she'll have a nightmare about waking up late and just ends up staying up the whole night or running on two hours of sleep, soda, and pizza pockets. This has been remedied by the fact that said cartoon was cancelled (DAMN YOU!), though....but she is definitely getting a hang on the regular sleeping schedule now. It's probably owing to the fact that she needs to stay on a regular schedule and staying up all night on the internet is boring.

And yes, she does like to talk in the third person.