Tropers / Raven 913

Put simply, I am a slightly crazy person with some rather decidedly freaky interests. And a weird sense of cute. Seriously, I think daphnias are cute.

More complexly, I am a Butch Lesbian Badass Bookworm Nightmare Fetishist Deadpan Snarker. Despite my insanity, every alignment test in the world pegs me as Lawful Good and I often find myself as the Only Sane Man in my game group, as well as the only one who's focused. I have a bit of a Hair-Trigger Temper. I'm Blind Without 'Em and regularly dye my hair (my favorite color is purple). In my free time, I write horror stories, usually based in World of Darkness or Warhammer40000.

I'm also something of a rule-enforcer on websites with a "report" button and quicker than most to report things containing very offensive material (i.e. stuff that would ping Canada's federal radar. Note that I don't actually live in Canada even though I am technically a citizen (Canada is one of the few dual citizenships the United States will recognize), I just have a radar that goes "blip" for the same things). This being the Internet, though, the whole thing may make me qualify for Knight in Sour Armor. Nowhere but comment stacks do you ever see the full extent of the bastardry of humans.

Oh, and Kayvan Shrike is in my game group. The magnificent bastard. He likes to torment my characters. Then again, I play characters that kind of beg tormenting.

I also play Eldar in Warhammer40000, but I'm kind of Doing It for the Art. Miniature assembly and painting is fun.

Stuff I like (in no particular order):

Stuff I hate with a fiery passion: