Female, has lived her whole life, which started 27 February 1994, in Eastern lower Michigan. Is about five-foot nine, with [[PaleSkinnedBrunette long dark hair that she can't control and skin that burns when she gets too close to a forty-watt bulb]]....

I love it when people actually respond to the "Describe [Trope] here." thing instead of just describing the trope. The word "trope" is fun to say. Try saying it out loud a few times. Just do. Trope, trope, trope, trope....

Ellipses are my only friends. [[TheyMightBeGiants Well, not my only friends, but they're little glowing friends, but really, they're not actually my friends.]] If I can think of a way to get a PotHole into a sentence, I will try, even though I hate typing. Also, whenever I am talking about a specific thing I will probably put it in "quotation marks". I like International English as opposed to American English.

Tropes that apply include:
* ApologisesALot
* BlindWithoutEm. They're black and rectangular.
* DeadpanSnarker (usually a little less deadpan)
* GrammarNazi
* PaleSkinnedBrunette
* SelfDeprecation
* TallDarkAndBishoujo

I'll add more here when I a) have more time, b) can think of some stuff to add, and c) think someone might care.