"Nobody gets me baby, I'm like the wind."

I'm the [[GoodOlBoy Good Ol' Boy]]. [[{{Eagleland}} American]] by birth, [[SweetHomeAlabama Southern]] by the grace of God. Despite the name, I've never been to [[DarkestAfrica Africa]], so I'm not really [[GreatWhiteHunter The Great White Hunter]], but I am a hunter and a trapper. And yes, I know there's no 'r' after the 'a' in the books, spelling errors, what are you going to do.

I like [[{{Handguns}} guns]], [[BigFriendlyDog dogs]], country music, beer, {{NASCAR}}, [[ProfessionalWrestling wrestling]] and [[SmokingIsCool cigars]]. But in order to not be a [[DeepSouth complete]] [[SweetHomeAlabama stereotype]], I also enjoy opera, {{Shakespeare}}, and all sorts of books about everything. The appeal of {{anime}} continues to completely escape me though.