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You know the feeling you get when you're reading a book or watching a movie, and the characters seem to be missing something that's glaringly obvious to you, as an outside observer? And you want to shout a warning at the page, at the screen, but they never hear you? That always frustrates me. And then, when I was lurking/catching up on the timeline from The Wall Will Fall, I realized— this time I don't have to be frustrated. Shouting a warning was as easy as creating an account; these characters were players, and they could hear me.

So... that's why I'm here.

Tropes that apply to Qara-Xuan Zenith


Greetings, Qara, I'm in your page, posting a comment! ~Sicon112

...Sorry about bringing up the bees, and all the fallout that resulted. :P ~EndlessSea

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