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MDCCLI=My name in Roman Numerals. See if you can figure it out! Don't just cheat on Google Translate. It's not that hard! [1]

Facebook Account= note  Pretty sure I'm gay. Never had a real relationship, but feelings are feelings. Update: Yep, Bi the Way all the way. American Political System British Political System

So, my name is Conor. Some part of me doesn't want to tell you that, but I've gathered this is a place for inclusiveness and honesty, so I am going to keep it here for everyone to see. Political Ideologies THIS-HAS-SOMETHING-TO-DO-WITH-POTTER! I'm learning; someday I will be... Patron Saint These are the American Presidents in whose administrations I have been alive: [2] [3] [4] [5]

I am from Tampa, Florida in the U.S., and I went to college at the very small Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. Before you start thinking I've spent my entire life in one state, I spent two years of my college experience at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky. They were two very exciting, challenging, miserable, wonderful years I wouldn't trade for anything. I moved to Lynn, and graduated from here, because of easier math course requirements, and for the fact that it has a better International Relations program. Big International Clubs

A most dark and attractive moon.

I discovered this website when I was in 11th grade (I think, it was either that or 12th grade) when I was doing a Google search for "Yeerk names" from the Animorphs book series, and I somehow found this site. It took me a little while to figure out exactly what it was all about. But I finally did, and I have found myself spending a lot of time here. High-Functioning Autism

Darth Plagueis Joker Magneto Chess Legend of Korra Asperger Syndrome

In the beginning, the idea of creating a profile here wasn't something that was crossing my mind very often-I was content to simply read. However, as time has gone on, I started wanting something more; I wanted to create something here, the way everyone else was. Even if I don't fully and truly create here, I can still discuss my ideas with others, and discuss what is already here. This website will always be a "work-in-progress," and that's what I like about it. My interests lie all over the place, but mainly in Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Batman, Animorphs, and a good number of other things. At some point I'll get around to putting down actual trope entries about myself. It's probably going to be a long process, so I'll have to wait until I have more time. I have to find the applicable ones, then I have to figure out how to write them in here. I'll do some point... Hope I can make something permanent here beyond that! Celtic Mythology

If you want to vandalize my page with your remarks, go ahead, just leave a note telling me who you are when you're done. Coffee Tea And Tea Culture

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you all have no idea how much fun I am having with this formatting it's like a brand new world

[6] [7] Unrequited Love Incompatible Orientation Love Hurts