Tropers / Pink Dave

ELLO! I am Pink Dave

Here are a few facts about myself I will try to add more every day.

1. I think the color pink is powerful because it gets everybody’s attention. 2. I love Vocaloids, Touhou, and Anime…ECT.ECT. 3. I love books, especially fantasy so if any of you have suggestions please put them down. 4. I am male 5. I fell bad for the forum games that are never played so I go and play them so if their are any abondend games or topics you think I would be interested in post them here or send me PM.

I will add more later

  • Hiiiiii - cutewithoutthe

  • Hey there! I won't set your page on fire, so you don't have to worry about that. :P -Nekoalexa

  • She's lying don't listen to her! OH GOD SHE'S GOT A MATCH! -Enkufka

  • Extinguishers are on the left, hopefully. ~GameSpazzer

  • Yo, Pinky! What's the haps? VANDALISM iz crood ~Enzeru

  • What up dude!!! this is the bomb!!. ~GillyGirl32

  • Hey, I know that engine! -Pink Dave

  • I am your evil twin -Pink Dave