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Tropers: Phoenixdaughter AM
Meh, like I care
Female Protagonist, summing up my general outlook on life Persona 3 Portable


phoenixdaughterAM is an incoming college student. She has a passion for handheld videogames and animated movies. Can be a jack of all fandoms as she generally likes everything. Enjoys a steamy romance novel now and then and knows why. Likes long walks on the beach but is stuck in the midwest. Dislikes immensely her step-father.

Aspiring actress/voice actress. Has her own series planned out but unless something happens, will proabably be permanetly shelved, since she enjoys tinkering with other people's characters too much. A blog under a different username can be found here Fanfics are here (Constructive criticism is nice!)

Sticking around Videogames while occasionally dipping into the Yack Fest. PSN is phoenixdaughter and my 3DS Friend Code is 0447 - 5069 - 0341. For social media, Twitter is here and Tumblr is here. Inquire within about Facebook, as I'll want your full name and I'm likely going to ignore you if I don't recognize you.

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Things I like

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     Anime and Manga 


     Live Action TV 
Admittily, my weakest area since I'm not an avid watcher.


     Video Games (Here we go) 

     Web Orignal 

     Western Animation 

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