Yay! I'm writing my own page!

Well... what I have to say? Good thing. I'm an Otaku. Hello.

Also, I'm Italian.

!! This Troper [[TruthInTelevision actually shows]] the following Tropes (among others):

* AdaptationDisplacement / EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: My reaction when I was reading the ''YuGiOh'' manga for the first time, since I knew only the 4Kids adaptation of the anime: Japanese names? Swearing? No card games? A noseless, shark-toothed Pharaoh wearing ankhs on his wrists playing death-threatening games?
** Then the card game came by for the first time in the second volume [[note]] actually the third, since at the time manga volumes were spliced so the series could be longer and more expensive to complete-thing later they stopped to do, with ''YuGiOh'' volumes being as the Japanese ones starting from Issue 13, actually the Japanese number 7[[/note]]: ''Magic & Wizards''? The monsters have different names? Power-up cards increasing stats by percentages rather than fixed values? [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking Holy/Mystical Elf is shown with her eyes opened while being decapitated by Minotaurus/Battle Axe?]]
** And then the Italian edition started to confound me with [[InconsistentDub monster names changing between issues or even]] ''[[InconsistentDub chapters]]'' [[note]] Is Summoned Skull's manga name ''Demon'', ''Demoniac Summoning'', ''Demon's Summoning'' or ''The Devil's Evocation''?[[/note]], [[SpellMyNameWithAnS mangled translation]] [[GratuitousEnglish of English words written in Japanese]] [[note]] Harpy and Dinosaur becoming ''Happy'' and ''Dynausor'', for example[[/note]], and weird adaptation choices [[note]] Why they translate ''mind'' with ''anima'', which actually means ''soul'', rather than ''mente''? Why they usually keep Yen as the money value, then they shift to Euros in ''chapters where money is actually shown?''[[/note]]
* BerserkButton: Let's just say diminutives piss me off. Also:
** [[YourMileageMayVary Reading Dethroning Moment Of Suck entries bashing my favourite scenes from various series]]. [[note]] that one about JimmyNeutron is wrong: Australia is not a continent, is just an island part of the Oceania continent![[/note]]
** [[FootnoteFever Footnotes explaining stuff I already know]]. [[note]] why a 13-years old shouldn't know what karate is?[[/note]]
*** Also the footnotes in mangas about how much is in Euros that pricetag in Yen they just mentioned.
*** Or including ''Translator's note'' at the end, which in my mind amounts to "The translator wants to say he's smarter than you".
** [[DidNotDoTheResearch Wrong footnotes]], like:
*** "{{Gamera}} is {{Godzilla}}'s enemy" [[note]] found in Issue 2 of the latest ''DragonBall'' reissue[[/note]]
*** Getting the description of what Takoyaki is wrong. [[note]] In Italian, octopus is ''polpo'', while polypus is ''polipo''. Find someone who doesn't use ''polipo'' as a synonym of ''polpo''. Cue "Takoyakis are polypus dumplings" footnotes, when the official Italian translation used in various anime is ''octopus meatballs''.]]
** Everytime Hasbro releases some {{Transformers}} waves ''[[NoExportForYou everywhere except for Italy]]''. Examples include every Generations wave after the first one, every ''RevengeOfTheFallen'' Voyager Class figure starting with the Long Haul one and, most important, the last waves of Animated, like the ones with Waspinator and Wreck-Gar.
*** Also some waves have being released ''[[ItGotWorse everywhere except for the region where I live]]'', like Movie Jetfire, Animated Lugnut, Blitzwing and Grimlock and Power Core Combiners after wave 1, except for a single wave 3 5-pack. Albeit sometimes they arrive later (examples: Animated Soundwave and ROTF Lockdown. The first was released in Wave 3 along with Jazz, Snarl and Oil Slick in Italy during November 2008. In Genoa, where I live, he and Jazz arrived only in ''December 2009''. ROTF Lockdown was announced in commercials along with Recon Ironhide and Bludgeon in January 2010: the latter two actually were never released in Italy, while him was released in Italy only at December of the same year... but as an exclusive for a singular chain of stores and ''duty-free shops on boats''.)
* CrowningMomentOfAwesome: One day, four years ago, I was bored. Then an idea came up to me: what if I phoned to the Official Nintendo Magazine and had a chat with the chief director? And I did it. Next month, guess what? ''The mail section includes a reference to my phone call''. There aren't enough words to describe my joy.
** Discovering that for the first time there was going to be a NewSuperMarioBrosWii tournament in my town, getting signed in, getting first place and winning a Nintendo3DS. If this is not awesome...
* EverybodyHatesMathematics: Subverted.
* FetishFuel: For some reason, I like WhiteGloves. And ties too.
** For a more normal fetish, I like Gothic Lolitas.
** Also, I just got a fetish for stockings.
* GenreSavvy: And proud of it.
* GuiltyPleasure: Watching the Australian edition of ''Prank Patrol'' is probably one of those for me.
* ManOfAThousandVoices: I can even do female voices!
* SecurityBlanket: The latest issue of every magazine I read.
* ShoutOut: In my Pokémon games, every Mon gets a name referring to something else it reminds to me. Examples are [[GeronimoStilton Geronimo]] the Raticate, [[BenTen Heatblast]] the Blaziken, [[IceAge Sid]] the Slakoth, [[{{Kirby}} Dedede]] the Empoleon, [[XiaolinShowdown Omi]] the Mienfoo and [[TheLegendOfZelda Ganon]] the Emboar. Weird case is a Clefable named [[{{Transformers}} Starscream]]. You know, Clefairy is ''star''-shaped, so...
** Black 2 team: [[FinalFantasy Ifrit]] the Emboar, [[JapaneseMythology Otohime]] the Lapras, [[DoubleDuck Hermes]][[note]] from the ''Olympus Code'' arc, where the genetically engineered team of athletes features as the runner a crocodile codenamed Hermes. Probably I'll do the whole team one day, with Poseidon the hawk/Staraptor, Artemis the rooster/Blaziken, Zeus the wildcat/Luxray and Efestus the duck/Magmortar[[/note]] the Krookodile, [[OurVampiresAreDifferent Lamia]] the Crobat, [[YuGiOhZexal IronHammer]][[note]]Iron Hammer the Giant, one of The Sparrow's allies. A 900 [=ATK=]/3500 [=DEF=] dude who gives you a direct attack from one of your monsters once for turn[[/note]] the Golurk and [[TransformersEnergon Shockblast]] the Magnezone.
* ShoutOutThemeNaming: My actual team in Pokémon Black is formed by Swanna, Pidgeot, Beheeyem, Lopunny, Gallade and Furret. Their nicknames? [[HaruhiSuzumiya Haruhi, Kyon-Kun, YukiNagato, Mikuru, Itsuki-Kun and Tsuruya]].
* StockYuck: I hate this thing, but then I dislike every vegetable in the universe except potatoes and eggplants. And cheese.

!!This Troper's works:

* '''The Wacky Adventures of Maurice's Pokémon Team''': heavily based on RandomDoom, about my OC's Pokémon doing weird stuff. The main characters include a wisecracking Gallade, a naive Sceptile, a {{Yandere}} Ampharos, a badass Excadrill, an idiot Furret and other guys.
* '''Cubone Adventures''': the premise of this story changed a lot during time, but the whole story is about a Cubone, his best friend Combusken and the Kirlia Twins. Originally was going to be an adaptation of the first PokémonMysteryDungeon, then it became {{Peanuts}} [[RecycledInSpace WITH POKÉMON!]] and then it became a weird thing, with Combusken stealing the spotlight of the whole thing.
* '''Transformers Linkmasters''': in a universe where the Matrix of Leadership has been lost, Autobots are divided in various teams like the S.T.A.R.S (led by Hound), the Patrolbots (led by Inferno) and the Hoverbots (led by Springer), while fighting the Decepticons led by Soundwave. Every Transformer is linked to a Targetmaster partner who turns into a weapon, and the Targetmasters themselves can combine to form more powerful weapons.
* '''My Little Pony: Weirdness is Everywhere''': Emotionless unicorn Moonshine Gleam gets a weird company of friends, like street punk Gumball Pop, jealousy-overloaded flyer Aurora Boost and attention maniac Golden Wonder.

!! The works have tropes too:

* CanonImmigrant: The main character from ''The Wacky Adventures of Maurice's Pokémon Team'' appeared first into my best friend's never-published fanfic ''Pokémon [=EX=]''. The character was already a caricature of me, so I basically own the right for him. In a more accurate use of the trope, later chapters of ''[=EX=]'' feature the personality of his Gallade as shown in ''Wacky Adventures''.
* CoolShades: Dark Kirlia in ''Cubone Adventures'', Excadrill in ''The Wacky Adventures of Maurice's Pokémon Team'', Gumball Pop in ''My Little Pony: Weirdness is Everywhere'', Springer, Skyhammer and Tomahawk in ''Transformers Linkmasters''.
* DevelopmentHell: Everyone of them fells into them. ''The Wacky Adventures of Maurice's Pokémon Team'' had a pilot fanfic, but it wasn't followed much[[note]] the fic had two comments: one was my best friend, the other one was some fungirl giggling at the ''SuzumiyaHaruhi'' references I put inside it[[/note]].
* HilariousInHindsight: the whole concept of ''Linkmasters'' was created one year before the Japanese release of the Prime toyline, whose addition of the Arms Microns bases on the same concept of my interpretation of Targetmasters: robot weapons that combine to form bigger weapons.
* RoleAssociation: As i usually imagine [=VA=]s for my characters, I can do them for my works[[note]] note that, since I'm Italian, the list refers to Italian voice actors[[/note]]:
** ''My Little Pony: Weirdness is Everywhere'': [[WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime Arcee]] was a loner unicorn, until she met the bubblegum addicted [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Iris]], fallen child star searching for a new fame [[BatmanTheAnimatedSeries Harley Quinn]] and cold, jealousy-ridden pegasus [[YuGiOhZexal Gagaga Girl]].
* ShoutOut: From ''Transformers Linkmasters'':
** Speedbooster, the local Autobot speedster, is based on the InitialD parody in episode 6 of LuckyStar, down to have Yui's car as his altmode.
** His best friend, Skyjack, is not based so much from his G2 counterpart, but more on G1 Powerglide and from [[ShugoChara Kukai]], whose Chara Nari [[NamesTheSame is also called]] [[SpellMyNameWithAnS Sky Jack]]. His Targetmaster Barricade is based both of the Movieverse Decepticon and the omonimous [[NerfBrand Nerf]] gun.
** Nightbeat is very InspectorGadget-esque, with Eject and Rewind acting as his [[GadgetAndTheGadgetinis Gadgetinis]].
** From the Decepticon side, we have Frenzy, Rumble and Slipstream, which are basically [[{{Animaniacs}} Yakko, Wakko and Hello Nurse]].
** Skywarp is a [[HighOctaneNightmareFuel freakish]] mixup between Animated Lugnut, Movieverse Bonecrusher, [[ShapedLikeItself G1 Skywarp]] and [[TheIncredibleHulk Abomination]].
** Runabout and Runamuck are a hybrid of [[ScottPilgrim the Katayaragi twins]] with Animated Jetfire and Jetstorm. Their paintjobs are inspired from the [[KirarinRevolution SHIPS]], being one white with blue stripes and black legs and the other one black with purple stripes and white legs.
** Grapple and Hoist are [[TheBigBangTheory Leonard and Sheldon]] [[RecycledInSpace AS GIANT ROBOTS!]]
** The Hoverbots are a reference to the Chinese cartoon series ''Hover Champs Spin&Go'' ([[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHbh7oALKW4 italian opening]]), such as the name of the team, the fact that they turn into helicopters, and the fact that they all wear CoolShades in robot mode, like the ones the characters from ''Hover Chaps'' wear when piloting RC helicopters.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: ''Transformers Linkmasters'' had various versions of the plot. One featured Optimus Prime and Megatron only for Season 1 and then killing them (having Blaster as the new Matrix bearer), Road Caesar as Menasor's Autobot counterpart and an arc about Decepticon pirate Dreadshaft seeking revenge after being rejected by Cannonball's crew and becoming a depressed loner whose motto is "trust is for the weaks".
** The characters of ''Weirdness is Everywhere'' were going to be [[ThePsychoRangers evil versions]] of the Mane 6 created by Discord, but the idea was rejected because Golden Wonder couldn't look like an evil Pinkie Pie. Screamdown was rejected from the team because she looked too much like an evil Fluttershy, and the sixth member-evil Rarity was rejected. The original version of Gumball Pop, named Bubblegum Spit, was inspired from Diana's bad girl makeover from MartinMystery's episode ''You Do Voodoo'', but then the name was changed because it was too long, the colors made more vivid, the shades more see-through and the leather jacket discarded. The design alteration was done also because the old look made more sense for her old interpretation as an evil Applejack.
* SpotlightStealingSquad: Combusken in ''Cubone Adventures'', absolutely. His {{Flanderization}} into a DonaldDuck / {{Deadpool}} hybrid didn't help.