Tropers / Phaaze

Put simply, I am probably one of the biggest procrastinators alive. In fact, I'm making this because I should be doing something else. When I can be moved to do something though, I write stories and poetry, draw, make emoticons, make things in photoshop and many other things. I also used to do LetsPlays until my computer decided to make the lag so horrendous that they were unwatchable, now I just rant.

I had been doing several things and my most recent was something called Trope Tales where I would take a trope from this site and write a short story based around it. Unfortunately the first thing I chose decided that it didn't want to be just a short story so now I'm currently working on fleshing it out further into the multiple chapter range. There is a good chance I won't actually get around to doing it though.

to see the things I HAVE done: