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"The night is darkest just before the dawn."

I'm an infrequent editor who contributes with the intent of improving articles, whether it be creation of new pages or simple article cleanup.

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Awards gallery (Nominations are requested by PM) Original Barnstar

This barnstar is awarded to recognize your efforts in overhauling pages to read well. -Janitor Editor's Barnstar

You've done much for the wiki, and since you don't have a WikiCleaner's badge underneath your profile, consider this an equivalent bit of recognition. -Camacan Working Troper's Barnstar

Rewriting existing pages and keeping an eye on them to ensure their quality must be exhausting on some days. Keep it up! -BobbyG Barnstar of Diligence

The pages under your watch are doing well. Nicely done! -Haldo WikiLink Barnstar

The links you provide have consistently added to the quality of an example, so thanks! -SpainSun Typo Team Barnstar

I appreciate your tirelessly fixing spelling mistakes and inconsistencies in the wiki to improve the pages. -annebeeche Purple Barnstar

I understand that other anime fans can be a little difficult to work with, so thanks for keeping it civil! -Juan Carlos Erase Barnstar

For removing opinions and natter from pages to keep the wiki clean. MetaFour Invisible Barnstar

I'm surprised you're not a mod yet for all of the work you put into the wiki. Here's a barnstar for working without seeking recognition from others! Nornagest Anime Barnstar

I noticed that almost all of your contributions are in the anime pages. Here's a barnstar for making those pages shine (and here's to wishing you'd edit other topics, too!) BlixtySlycat

Alternative Title(s): The Real Daigensui