Permagreen (so called because no one else on the internet had taken that name yet) is a roughly 19 year old guy in Portland, Oregon who dreams of one day being a writer. This dream is somewhat hampered by Permagreen's chronic laziness, almost non-existent social circle, an odd sense of perfectionism, niggling self-doubt, and fear of what his parents will think. However, Permagreen remains undaunted and has sworn on oath that someday he will publish something and achieve his lifelong dream of having a work of his on His (as yet unfinished) works have been hailed variously as, "Good," "Well written," and "You left out the word 'your' in this sentence here."

His personality and lifestyle lean towards the eclectic, with his possessions, mannerisms, and just overall style appearing as though he just picked them up here and there as they struck his fancy (whatever that means). Friends have viewed him variously as the IneffectualLoner, TheAtoner, TheStoic, an HeroicWannabe, TheQuietOne, TheLancer, TheCharmer, a GrumpyBear, AndZoidberg. To each of these tropes there is a degree of truth and Permagreen will dispute none of them. Philosophically, Permagreen has Taoist leanings and as such tries to greet the world with a smile, and never EVER take things too seriously. A little seriously sometimes is okay for Permagreen, but too seriously leads to the depression, pessimism, and cynicism that practically defined him in high school.

Permagreen attended Marlboro College (in Vermont) for approximately a semester and a half before coming back to Portland to sort his life out. This aforementioned sorting process is taking longer than he had anticipated and has thus far only resulted in him volunteering regularly at the Hollywood theater. He is frequently bored and often available to hang out, so hit him up if you're in the area. I assure you he is mostly sane.