Tropers / Pepper

Pepper is a twentysomething Pokémon playing, anime watching, DC comics fan. She enjoys long snarks about many topics. LEGO and Zoids are her two main hobbies alongside writing and reading far too much. She will assemble a list of TV series, Games, Anime, Comics, Writers, Webcomics and other miscellany that she peruses and enjoys at a later date.

Important Information

  • Is a recovering History and Sociology student so most of her many opinions and views have at least three sources supporting and against said view for hypocrisy avoidance.

  • She will never watch Heroes and was a rabid The Big O fanficcer under a Different Name.

  • Also goes by Peppermint (with an added _M/OM or mecha) most everywhere on the internet.

  • Will Rant about pet peeves relating to The Dark Knight if provoked.