I am Pentigan, I frequent the forums more than anything really...

!! RP Credentials
* Supervillain in training.
* Controls Yumian Empire in Errant Quest II part 2.
* Pokemon Trainer and PEFE member
* Owns a kingdom (with probability-altering knights and an illegitimate? daughter princess) in Roll to Dodge

!! My Tropes (Feel free to add ones you notice)
* TheVoiceless when you don't approach him. - [[{{@/YinHachiko}} Hachiko]]

!! Stuff I've Contributed

Nothing yet :(

!! Comments
* You never told me you were a supervillain. This could affect our friendship...in a good way! :D - [[{{@/Hobgoblin}} Rex]]

* I think I got interested when I saw supervillain in here... Can I help take over the world?! =D - [[{{@/Lilqueendaisy}} Daisy]]

* [[{{@/Trip}} Penti]] has so much swag my face is melting.

* I'm just here for the food! -[[{{@/QuarterDollar}} Quarter]]

* His name is Fiveside, Pent Fiveside. -[[{{@/NewfieMEKZ}} Newfie]]

* A mysterious bishie, and a training supervillain too? Alyssa would faint on the spot! :3 -- @/{{Eskay|64}}

* Ho ho~! - [[{{@/BluBeriPi}} Beri]]