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Tropers: Patchwork Space
I was a long time lurker of this site, who joined up around September 28th, 2009. I don't do many big things around the site, but I edit little things like grammar or add rectifying natter [all the good stuff has already been around pointed out ;)]. I'm mostly around the forums, so you can pop by and pm me if you feel like talking to someone. Oh, and I'm female, most people seem to think otherwise on the internet.

Tropers, feel free to add to the folders, and other relevant information.
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     Favorite Books and Shows and Other Media 

     Favorite Tropes 

I will probably update this page in the future with more relevant info-(not that most people will read this page...)

Incoming Messages to Patchwork Space!

DUDE. Apart from the fact that I don't need glasses (sniffle...I would look so sexy if I needed them...), and that I'm a Catholic, we are EXACTLY ALIKE. AWESOME. Hope to get to know you better soon! - Burinnu


Patchwork Space underestimates the power of the Wiki Magic, and is congradulated by a Gunlocker Glock who want's to inform her that a title page is quite importent.

I would like to remind Patchwork Space that there is redundancy on her page. -truthfully yours, Mr Kinkajou

You like Bokurano too? Niiice. - Gentlemanorcus

This page has been read. Coffee? - Bisected8

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