Tropers / Pan Boleyn

Hello there! I'm Kate, I'm a journalism student and fanfic writer - some of my work is now an Old Shame that I'm too lazy to take down, but I'm much happier with my more recent work, especially for The Tudors. You can look me up on as Pandora of Ithilien, I know tropers are really harsh on fics, but I can live with it.

I've yet to create a trope page, but, cementing myself as a Tudor buff (for the period and not just the show, mind) I am responsible for starting the Headscratchers page and all of the "Crowning Moments of..." tabs on The Tudors. I'll add them to Sugar Wiki one of these days. Really, though, my name has Boleyn in it, this should not be a surprise. (Ironically, perhaps, Katherine Parr is my favorite Queen.)

I also love Harry Potter, Star Wars, Castle, Doctor Who et al, and Fringe, among other things. Inception has got to be my favorite movie ever, I'm still caught up by it. I've done quite a few fanfics for it, which are mostly on LiveJournal. They give more feedback there.