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Eus Omnis homnis moroniem.

Bonjour, salut, allo, Tropers.

If you want, call me Pali, P-Dromee, Dromee, or Belladonna, but NEVER forget the two e's or call me Palin.

I speak French proficiently, (not natively but very very close) and va te faire foutre if you can't figure out that I slip into it at random times without thinking.

I got a boyfRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!! nobody cares

I have around 16 irrational fears, examples being: windows with blinds at night (closed), mirrors at night, statues, black and white stripes, concentric circles...

Ruri's Law believers, unite!


What (despite various accusations) I am NOT:
  • I am not a male.
  • I am not sympathetic.
  • I am not an adult.
  • I am not a child.
  • I am not amused.
  • I am not dead, despite having recently read my own obituary.

Tropes launched

Tropes that are somewhat fitting

  • Berserk Button: When around me, under pain of swift and agonizing death, do not mention:
    • The term ''.
    • Soccermoms.
    • Divorce.
    • The legality of something I have just suggested.
    • An insult on a drawing I have made.
    • And above all, if you value limbs and specifically, having them, if I am talking about a problem, DO. NOT. GIVE. ME. ADVICE. If I can trust you with telling you something, I want you to shut up and listen, damnit!
  • Brilliant but Lazy: My IQ supposedly hovers in the 170 range. I refuse to prove this other than being eloquent and having a Berserk Button of stupidity and proving people hopelessly, shamefully wrong.
  • Catch Phrase:
    • Hey, you know what I hate? ____.
    • The aforementioned 'RELEASE THE AUTOMATONS!'
    • 'Conglaturation! You sucsess!'
    • How now, spirit! Whither wander you?
    • Shut up, nerd./Lame nerds.
    • Shut up, you're like 12.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Y'know, I used to think that I averted this. Asked my friends, and received a unanimous "YES." So, I guess it's settled, then.
  • Deadpan Snarker
    • Snark Knight: I hate everything and everyone, and I hate you unless you give me a good reason not to. Oh, and I couldn't hate myself more, too.
  • Enraged by Idiocy: A very easy to push Berserk Button of mine.
  • Kuudere: Usually, I'm pretty normal/friendly, but introverted. However, if you manage to push one of many of my Berserk Buttons, prepare to either be quietly, painfully burned and/or ignored basically forever, and for everyone else to blame you for putting me into The Stoic mode to everyone for the rest of the day/week/month/year.
  • Somewhat Perky Goth: I have basically every attribute of a Goth, i.e. artist, snarky, likes 'dark' things, nerdy, non-mainstream,etc., but I don't dress anything like a stereotypical goth. I would, but I'm too lazy and broke and in high school.
  • Mad Dreamer : I dream in color and alien species!
  • Surrounded by Idiots: One of the reasons I retreat to the Internet, or at least most of it: I perceive basically everybody as an idiot. Chances are, if you come off to me as stupid, have fun trying to make friends with me.
  • Technicolor Eyes: Odd eyes run in my family; my mom has ridiculously bright, fake-looking blue eyes, my cousin and aunt have pale lavender eyes, and mine are a very strange dark seafoam-blue-green color that appear blue in artificial light, green in the sun, and grey in the darkness.
  • The Stoic: As of December of last year, I have given up attempting to show emotions other than neutral and supposed happiness.
    • Not So Stoic: If too many of my buttons are pushed, I'll eventually drop the Ice Queen facade and break down completely in tears and yelling.
  • Verbal Tic: What are you talking about, ehe? I don't do this, hehehe! That's a lie, eheh!
  • Weapon of Choice: Shovels. If you see me walking slowly towards you with a shovel, RUN.

Works I enjoy

     Live-Action TV 
    Web Comics 
    Western Animation 

Works I have published

  • That Kid with the T-Shirt, seen here note , a review site of crappy fiction.

A list of my OCs so I don't forget any.

    Current O Cs 
  • Ignis: Once an ordinary girl, the daughter of a scientist, her father was attempting to invent an alternative to fire: a non-painful liquid alternative that still burned, but not you. He decided to test his new invention on his daughter, but it went horribly wrong... it twisted and melted into her, creating Ignis, half-fire, half-girl. She has a 'normal' state: human head (except with snakelike eyes and a purple blush-like smudge), and below the neck a purple-and-black mass of liquid fire, which is what it would look like if you set mercury on fire and it was purple and black. Liquid fire is highly dangerous: if you touch it, you melt and burn, then when it's over you become pure mercury. She can control this in the 'normal' state so as not to melt everything down. But, with fair warning, she goes into a rage-state: solid liquid fire, melting everything within fifty feet of her. If you somehow manage to get through her Emotionless Girl personality, she calms down into an 'almost-human' state, where she basically is a malformed regular girl. (Pictures pending.)
  • Inanis Minatt: [Profile under construction]
    Past O Cs, likely to be revamped 
  • Science! Tara: An ordinary girl Surrounded by Idiots. In her universe, Science (represented by a test tube) causes crazy, and Physics (represented by a biggish atom) causes normalcy breakdown. She stars in a satirical comic that bears her name and is currently unpublished anywhere.
  • Belladonna Costello de Rubyheart: A Mary Sue. Except not. She is a subversion of Common Mary Sue Traits and has an (unpublished) comic entitled 'The Drawbacks of Suedom'.


I will respond to any and all vandalism. Unless, by some stroke of luck, I become popular.
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