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Been a troper for almost three years now. I'm a geek who spends way too much time planting epileptic trees and making in-jokes. Spend my time working on various things, including a Mary Sue Litmus Test for Resident Evil.


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Here's a personal epileptic forest. Note: Resident Evil: Revelations spoilers abound. :)

Jill is having a crazy dream that results in Revelations. Jossed
(Hopefully, this isn't true, since that would mean it would be like Gun Survivor 2.)

The redhead in the second Revelations trailer is not Alex Wesker. Confirmed
Chris and Jill only hear of him at earliest during LiN and get more information during RE5.

There is significance in Revelations's trailer music. Jossed
It sounds like they took the melody of Sad, But True and part of Alexia's theme and put it to different instruments. Sad, But True makes sense, since it's Jill's theme. Alexia's theme, on the other hand, leads to speculation. Another person noted that the music had a very Code: Veronica feel to it. The music in other trailers in the series is from the final cut in the game, too. ;)

The gas mask guy in the second trailer is HUNK. Jossed

The redhead guy in the Revelations trailer is Steve Burnside. Jossed
He has unnaturally anime-esque hair that doesn't move, even in instances when it should move, akin to mutated Alexia. Part of Alexia's Darkside Chronicles remastering of her theme is playing (on different instruments). His eyes are entirely gold and almost like Thanatos's (Outbreak's Tyrant) or Alexia Ashford's and his pupils are slitted. His hair is the correct shade of red. He's rather skinny. To top it off, his tie is blue and yellow, which is a reference to Rockfort's prison uniforms. It's also so blaringly obvious (Steve's the only redheaded male character in the series besides Alexander, who lost all his hair, and all of the Ashford lineage who'd already died before Code Veronica even started) that most people will dismiss it out of hand. His voicing when Jill injures him is very nasally.

The redhead guy is Leon S. Kennedy. Jossed
Proposed by my brother. He snapped due to dealing with Ashley for two years and dyed his hair red.

The redhead shooting at Parker and Jill at the end of the E3 demo is really a Stab the Scorpion scenario in the final game. Jossed.
He's shooting at a Squiddy that's snuck up on them in the confusion of him grabbing Jill. And, if he were to kill Jill, it would cause a massive time paradox, resulting in time cracks coming to erase the BSAA members from existence and causing a giant bloodbath involving zombies and BOWs across the world, akin to Outbreak File #2's bad ending, since there's nobody to stop outbreaks without massive civilian casualties.

Chris and Jessica were never on the ship. Confirmed in a roundabout way.
It's so blaringly obvious that people will dismiss it out of hand, though.

Revelations will follow Code: Veronica's format. Jossed
Jill and Parker will get captured and the last third of the game will be Chris attempting to rescue them.

The redhead is part of HCF. Jossed
His vest is awfully familiar...

Revelations' advertising is like Resident Evil 4's. ???
Namely, we know there are three environments. But we've seen very little of anything else but the ship.

The redhead is Nicholai. Jossed
He just dyed and grew out his hair to mess with Jill's head.

This will have partner zapping. Confirmed
More specifically, like 2, 3, 4, and C:V.

Parker and Jessica are part of the Original Eleven. Jossed
Proposed by many in response to Takenaka-san's interview. (He says the hint is in RE5's BSAA file.)

Parker used to be a bioterrorist and/or arms dealer. Jossed
This would explain why the redhead knows him, but Parker asks the guy who he is. He doesn't want Jill to know that they know each other, since that would be very question-provoking. And Parker's backstory is supposed to be very important and filled with the spoilers for Revelations if Takenaka-san isn't lying.

The gas mask guy's scene in the trailer is the very beginning. Confirmed
Parker and Jill were exploring the ship when they came across the banner, in the room that fills with sleeping gas. They pass out and someone moves Jill to a random bedroom and locks her in. Jill then has a crazy dream, which turns out to be the first trailer. She wakes up. That explains why she's still in her gear and they know where to go to get to the bridge.

This has something to do with Jill's BSAA file. Jossed
The game is supposed to take place in Europe. Jill's BSAA file mentions that her and Chris arrested European smugglers.

This will be like Resident Evil 3 for canon.
There will be different ends based on your actions, maybe even bringing back Live Selection mode. Thus, there's more replayability and an interesting take of what happens to Resident Evil 5's plot.

That explains why there's so many mind screws in the trailers and gameplay.

Alternatively, the writers pay attention to how Moffat does trailers and took notes on how to make a deliberate mind screw.

Parker will not die by the end of Revelations. Confirmed! :D

Parker is secretly Carlos. Jossed

Parker is secretly Kevin. Jossed

Jessica shoots Parker in the casino on the Queen Zenobia.
She's holding a smoking gun and, given where Parker is, in relation to the room and the entryway, it would work.

The bell tolling in the E3 2011 and Gamer's Day trailer tolls for Parker.
For Doom the Bell Tolls, and it's when they get out on the ship. Obviously, Jill doesn't die and Vester hasn't been introduced as of that point shown in the trailer in relation to the actual game...

Vester and Parker are Heterosexual Life-Partners. Confirmed
Random crack theory is random crack.

Alternatively, Vester and Parker are boyfriends. Either way, depending on who you talk to in the fandom.
Another random crack theory.

Vester is like Waka. Semi-confirmed
Vester purposely antagonizes Jill and Parker upon first seeing them by grabbing Jill and being ready to shoot them. This is similar to how Waka first meets Ammy and Issun, where he draws a blade on them and challenges them to a fight. Later in a trailer, both Jill and Parker lower their guard around Vester when they see him there. This is quite similar to how Waka eventually becomes an ally, where Ammy and Issun both lower their guard around Waka. It should be noted that, like how Issun is stubborn and doesn't believe Waka's up to any good, Parker is described by the Japanese website as being cynical, which would have a similar effect on the storyline [where he's less trusting of the newcomer]. This also explains the Comic Con panel mentioning that Jill and Parker would have to put their trust in people they wouldn't normally trust.