Newwingstonight here. I'm still new at this. I'm a member of [[{{People Letting All Trope Titles Exist Relishably}} Plater]].

Tropes that fit my life
* [[{{Arc Symbol}} Arc Symbol]] For my collage life, for some reason, feathers. I see them everywhere I go, in all stores, and in posters. Got no idea what this means.
* [[{{Badass Creed}} Badass Creed]] Mess with me...Iíll block you out. Mess with my ideals...Iíll put you down. Mess with my friends...youíre going down.
* [[{{Berserk Button}} Berserk Button]] Two fastest way to get me mad, hurt my friends or bring up my past. Nothing really bad happened, I'm just trying to move on from the things that did. Another way is to say the words, "You can't do it" to my face.
* [[{{Broken Bird}} Broken Bird]] It's only a mild case, but I was bullied a lot when I was growing up.
* [[{{Determinator}} Determinator]] As said above, the second you say "You can't" or "You'll fail" I want nothing more then to prove you wrong. I'm 20 and I want to say the reason I did 95% of the things I've done is because someone said those words to my face.
* [[{{Gallows Humor}} Gallows Humor]] When you make a joke about [[{{Atop the fourth wall}} Mecakara]] walking out of the [[{{Silent Hill}} fog]] and attacking you...and the friend, who knows the webshow and game you're taking about, you're with doesn't look at you like you have five heads or bring up how dark that is, you know this is the only kind of humor you use.
* [[{{The McCoy}} The McCoy]] Puts others before self, goes with her heart, want to make things better for everyone...I've been called an female, alternate universe version of the [[{{Trope namer}} Trope Namer]].
* [[{{Mama Bear}} Mama Bear]] Hurt my friends, pay the price, that is all.
* [[{{Nakama}} Nakama]] I have few friends, those that I do have I am more then willing to walk through Hell for.
* [[{{Only Sane Man}} Only Sane Women]] When I'm at family events, most times.
* [[{{Small Town Boredom}} Small Town Boredom]] I live on Long Island...there is NOTHING to do for miles in the winter!
* [[{{Survival Mantra}} Survival Mantra]] I have two:
** "She's holding her weapon to her side, loading it full of her good byes, she holding an enemy across the line" from the Linkin Park song 'Across the line'
** You've gotten this far, you just have to keep going. Things will get easier soon.
* [[{{Treacherous Advisor}} Treacherous Advisor]] The amount of teachers that said they like me to my face and have turned out to hate me or really want to screw me over is oddly high.

Top Four Shows.

* [[{{Kamenriderdragonknight}} Kamen Rider Dragon Knight]] Just love the whole thing...and I'd be lying if I said if I didn't try to walk in to the mirrors.
* [[{{Criminalminds}} Criminal Minds]] it's what I'll be someday, a profiler.
* [[{{Powerrangers}} Power Rangers]] all are ok, but [[{{PowerRangersSamurai}} Power Rangers Samurai]] and [[{{MightyMorphinPowerRangers}} Mighty Morphin Power Rangers]] are the one I enjoy watching most of all
* [[{{CSI}} CSI]] I'll be the first one to admit to it running on [[{{hollywoodscience}} Hollywood Science]], but it's fun to try and solve the case before the people on the show.

Top Four Games.

* [[{{Mass Effect}} Mass Effect]], only game I'm willing to give up my study time to play. Yeah, I do play as a goody-goody...just don't mention that ending!
* [[{{Infamous}} Infamous]] I like the tossing of lighting, and it's fun to be able to level a small city and yet use the power only for good.
* [[{{Call of Duty}} Call of duty]] Modern Warfare one, two and three, Black Ops one and two and World at World all rule in their own ways. Three made me upset, you know with [[spoiler:Soap's death.]] Price and me screamed in unison, scared my mom shitless.
* [[{{Halo}} Halo]] with favor to [[{{HaloReach}} Reach]] even if it the ending did make me upset

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