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"I have no idea why the f*ck did I write this page in thrid person"

NAC (Nerd At Computer), is a male troper who really enjoys TV Tropes. That's quite a boring introduction, but have in mind that he does like it up to the point where it has effectivelly started to ruin his life, and the situation is getting worse and worse as the time passes by. note 

Bear in mind his native lenguage is not English. He's studied English quite a bit, but he's not very good at it, so a huge amount of Rouge Angles of Satin is to be expected.

He is not a high-ego monster,but his ego might get the better of him sometimes, so beware.

And now, for Something Completely Different:

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* BIP*

  • Hi! Says someone from the other side of the frontier (the long one). Don't worry: there are people with English as first language that still writes with Rouge Angles of Satin. - Amused Troper Guy
  • Hello! I'm the original creator of Yu-Gi-Oh! (the franchise index). Thanks for your hard work in updating it! And I'm not a native English speaker either. - Autumncomet