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"I've never understood why the evil villain, who the main character DESPISES, has a long, talky monologue, with nothing separating the two, and why when such a thing happens, why the hero doesn't take advantage of it and nail him in the 'nads! HE'S RIGHT THERE! NOTHING STOPPING YOU! TAKE HIM DOWN!'"
—One of my random thoughts

Hey, I'm Mute Protagonist. No, not that kind. I'm a gamer in every sense of the word, and I one day hope to be a game designer who makes gaming experiences that are both fun and off the beaten path. My favorite genre has to be the RPG, and I want to make RPG s that don't involve strangely dressed emos with spiky hair, and more new, original things that think outside the box. Here's to gaming.

Tropes Occurring In My Life: