!!! Discribe Mimi-kins here!

* Er... what to say... she likes [=RPing=] as {{Pokemon}} [[AnthropomorphicPersonification gijinkas]]. That's all I've got. ~ {{Tropers/CapedLuigisYoshi}}
** No, actually, it's more than that. Multitasking Mimi, formerly known as Mimithe Red, isn't just a roleplayer, but she is also a cool person to be with, and she likes her kittens. Also likes cute stuff aside from playing Pokemon Gijinkas and listening to some metal music, not that it's a bad thing. ~ {{@/Arcadiarika}}
** Also, she likes MegaMan, therefore making her automatically cool. Just like Engels. - @/{{Radd}}
** And she wears a pair of ShippingGoggles quite often. ~ {{@/Hydronix}}
** Okay, I get it, everyone is better at describing the cool girl than I am. So sue me. ~ @/CapedLuigisYoshi

!!! Tropes that Describe Mimi

* DaydreamBeliever: I believe in alternate realities.
* IHaveBoobsYouMustObey: Actually used offline in Card Games.
* {{Kawaiiko}}: A bad habit of mine. I get called out on it alot.
* MrImagination: You can tell when I'm daydreaming when my mouth is moving but no words are coming out.
* OlderThanTheyLook: I get mistaken for being several years younger than I really am.
** [[{{Squick}} Though that hasn't stopped people from thinking I'm my fathers wife.]]
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Boston Cream Cake

!!! Tropes that Mimi Likes

* AdvanceWars: C.O.s of AWESOME!
* CrapsaccharineWorld
* DokaponKingdom: I must marry Princess Penny! Too bad there isn't a Prince though...
* FridgeHorror
* HarvestMoon: I swear this is more fun than it should be.
* {{Pokemon}}: It is funny how long I've loved the series. I've loved it as long as it has been in the states. And it is filled with FridgeHorror and is a CrapsaccharineWorld.