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Thank you Rockonman! Okay, I have actually been a troper for a long time but only recently started adding to forums. I have made small contributions to the Vampire Diaries page, the Full House page, and the American Horror Story page. My actual name is Mariah but for security purposes I'm not gonna say my last name. Not much to say, I mainly use TV Tropes to help with my writing because I write stories in my spare time. Other than that, I'm a sarcastic nerd who spends as much time on here as normal people do on Facebook. Also, I am currently attending a vocational school for Health Academy and have the intentions of becoming a mortician. I am new to actually contributing so if something looks screwed up, I'm not stupid just give me a minute I usually figure it out. Thanks to whoever fixed my folders, I owe you one mysterious stranger.

I honestly wish I had joined the forum earlier because everyone has been great and kind to me. So, I thank you all. I have odd taste, i have just turned 16. I enjoy acting in school plays and stuff. I have specific tastes and ideas that don't always please others and well..check the chart. I don't aim to make anyone uncomfortable (unless it's really funny)I agree with my signature, I think it's best to listen and entertain others ideas without feeling pressured to accept them as your own. Saying that, I'm always up for a good debate on beliefs as long as both parties know the point of it is not to force your ideas on someone else but to simply present them in the best way you can and get them across to the other person. Other than that, I'm pretty much a normal teen...okay that was a damn lie.

Me Not the best picture it's a few years old when my hair was dyed red and before my leather jacket. My dog he's an albino Chug(Chihuhua Pug cross) named Devil who will hopefully rule the world one day.

My tumblr If you would like another way to contact/harass me.

Also, FUN FACT: Due to a printing error on my birth certificate, My father is also my mother.

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Deadpan Snarker I have had entire classrooms yell at me that I'm an asshole, because of my snarky comments.

Wiki Walk I fall victim to this at least once a day

Beauty Brains and Brawn My two best friends (non-tropers) and I fit these. One is more traditionally pretty with blonde hair and hazel eyes, my other friend is more brash and gets into fights, where I am more reserved and intelligent.

You gotta have blue hair I dye my hair, right now it's green. I'm about to dye it purple.

Dyeing for Your Art I once dyed my hair bright red because I was auditioning for the Queen Of Hearts in a school production of Alice in Wonderland and I thought it would help me get the part. I got the Dodo Bird...then the play was cancelled..

Dye Hard My best friend since 3rd grade doesn't remember what my natural hair color is, I've dyed it blue, purple, green, red, pink,and black with red bangs and blue and green streaks.. I've done it all.

Distinctive Appearances I'm extremely noticable despite my quiet nature. Im 5'3, overweight with bright green hair, a long leather jacket I almost alway wear, and black biker boots. I catch a lot of questions. Mainly, "Why are you wearing a leather jacket during summer?" and "Why is your hair green?"

Rule of Cool Answer to, "Why are you wearing a leather jacket during summer?"

Berserk Button NEVER insult my taste in music, tv, movies, or books. I don't mind opinions but the second you actually make fun of it, all bets are off.

Weeaboo A recovered Weeaboo but in my younger was bad..

Stepford Snarker I am always a Snarker but when I'm in a bad mood...god help you.

Sticky Fingers Not like Kleptomania but I do have a weird habit of taking highlighters and bobby pins.. I don't even wear bobby pins..

Peek-a-Bangs A minor occasional example, I keep my bangs long and parted to the left so sometimes they cover my eye. It drives my mother nuts..


Vampire Diaries I'm addicted to this show!

Ian Somerhalder My favorite actor, I use him to portray a lot of characters as well

Glee I love this show, but it made me join my school choir, so..IT LIES!!! You will never get to burst into song outside of that class and you don't get a magical band that immediately knows what your singing!

Suburgatory Tessa reminds me of myself, right down to the boots.

New Girl I am in love with Nick and Schmidt(

Haruhi SuzumiyaI love the craziness

Lucky Star Reminds me of my own Otakuness

The Big Bang Theory Again reminds me of my own nerdiness, I'm Sheldon(more with how I fit in than personality) I have friend like Leonard and Howard. We just need a foreign mute and someone completely different from us and we're good to go.

Aristotle His philosophy and ideas have always resonated with me.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Obsessed, ooh cool story, I saw a boy with a Rainbow Dash shirt at school and I yelled out, "Hey, Rainbow Dash." He looks at me like I'm stupid and claims he doesn't know what I'm talking about. I go red and walk away. Few days later he comes up to me and asks, "Are you a Pegasister?" I say with a straight face, "Depends, you a brony?" He grins at me. "I could beat you in 10 seconds flat." Now since we have classes together he makes tons of MLP references so I'll laugh and make everyone wonder what's wrong with me.

Family Guy

American Dad!

South Park

Stephen King My idol! I love this man with every fiber of my being! I plan on living in Maine just because of him.

Nickelback Don't care what anyone thinks, I like their lyrics and their sound.

Three Days Grace

Blake Shelton

Miranda Lambert

Switched at Birth Obsessed... Actually started learning sign language because of it.

Ouran High School Host Club Tamaki is amazing

Fruits Basket

True Blood

Doctor Who

Paramore Hayley Williams, where do you buy your hair dye?

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