Tropers / Moose

Describe Moose here.

Well, Moose is the badass who single-handedly saved the entire internet from a painful, chowder-related death at the hands of some giant wasps last thursday. It was a difficult battle, if you weren't him.

Anyway, yeah he's just 'nother troper on the vast network of lies and evil you call TV Tropes, a bisexual Genius Ditz who's pretty much incompetent at anything that isn't writing or making witty jokes. Oh, and a Yuri Fanboy. Can't forget that.

The Moose enjoys the following things:
  • Anime, preferably featuring Humongous Mecha or Schoolgirl Lesbians.
  • Writing fiction. He is currently writing a yuri/mecha story, and it's actually nearly done.
  • Er, reading fiction. The two kinda go hand in hand.
  • Food. Oh, ye Gods, food.

And that about wraps it up for the universe's greatest troper.